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Another Coffee from the March 1989 Deep Cove Crier

Did Humpty Dumpty Love Easter Eggs??

The first thing that comes to mind as soon as you say Easter, is eggs. One of the customs most popular with children is hunting Easter eggs. Iíll never forget the fun I had as a school-age boy running around my back yard collecting hidden Easter eggs. My sisters loved to eat their chocolate eggs. I loved to hoard mine. Sometimes I sold my left over eggs to them in exchange for money or comics.

In Denmark, children have contests with dyed Easter eggs, which they roll down hills. The boy or girl whose egg rolls the longest distance without breaking wins his opponentís egg and keeps his own. In Italy, many children receive a loaf of rich bread shaped like a crown and studded with coloured Easter egg candies. In some parts of Germany, it is customary for village girls to present their suitors with red eggs at Easter. Should the girls fail to have their gifts ready, the boys are expected to spank them with canes! in Northwestern Europe, peasants have formal egg devouring contests. Others have egg stabbing contests in which they try to smash each otherís Easter eggs

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