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Another Coffee from the May 1993 Deep Cove Crier

 Thanks, Mom, for always being there for me when Iíve needed you.

  As I think about Motherís Day, I remember times as a teenager when I felt confused and discouraged about life, and you were there to listen.  It is only years later that I realize what a tremendous gift that was to me.  There were times as a teenager when I felt embarrassed even to have parents.  I remember how uneasy I felt walking with you and Dad at the shopping mall, in case any of my high school acquaintances  would see me.  As a teenager I was so much into proving how independent I was, that I failed to appreciate that oneís family is an irreplaceable gift.  Thank you, Mom, for being so patient and forgiving with my teenage growing pains.  I really had very little idea how much you were sacrificing in order to give my sisters and me a loving and secure home.  I really did not see you as a person with your own dreams, fears, and hopes.

It is only years later that I have come to see how much impact children can have on oneís dreams, fears, and hopes.  I will always remember meeting with a young couple who were expecting their first child.  This couple were avid skiers every weekend up at Whistler.  They said to me:
"We are thrilled about having a baby, but itís not going to change anything."  I thought to myself: "Children donít change anything....they change everything!"

What is it about children that have such a lasting impact on our lives as moms and dads?? Click to find out moreÖ


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