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Another Coffee from the May 1992 Deep Cove Crier

Is Mother’s Day Just a ‘Motherhood Issue’??

Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May is a well-established tradition going back to Miss Anne Jarvis of Philadelphia in 1907.  During May 1997, on the anniversary of her mother’s death, she arranged for a special service in her church.  The idea spread like wildfire throughout the world and in 1914 was named as a national annual observance by the U.S. Congress.

It seems to me that there is no one who knows more about mothers than their children.  So to celebrate Mother’s Day, I spoke with a number of local children about their mothers.  The first question I asked them was "Why are Mothers special?"  One boy said that mothers are special because they love you and if you didn’t have a mother, you wouldn’t be alive.  A little girl said that moms are special because they help you out in a lot of things and they take care of us.  Others said that mothers are special  ...because my mom gave birth to me, I love her a lot, and she gives me lots of things  ...because I was born from a mother  ...because they are one of your parents  ...because they help take care of the kids when the dad is not home  ...because they ‘had’ the children—men don’t give birth to children  ...because God made them   ...because boys love them   ...and because if my mom wasn’t around, then I wouldn’t be around.

Then I asked them: "What do you like best about your mother?"  One girl said that she likes going for vacations with her mom.  A boy said that he likes that she is home, that she loves God and is a Christian.  Another boy said: "She loves me and cares for me."  Other children liked the following things best about their moms: She is kind, nice, and she cares for kids   ...I love her and I like her   ...she makes me lunch every day…she reads me stories   ...she helps me on my math homework and stuff   ...and she’s nice.

The list almost seems inexhaustible in terms of what children like best about their moms.  Click to read more…


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