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Another Coffee from the November 1990 Deep Cove Crier

Say ‘No’ to the Disease of Busyness;  Say ‘Yes’ to Life

Many of us in our modern world have become too busy for our families, too busy for our spouses, too busy to rest, too busy to play, too busy to pray, too busy to read this... The Author John McNaughton comments that we live in a society where busyness is seen as a virtue and the quality use of time is understood only by a few.

I was somewhat lazy in Senior High School, but by the time I was working on my Masters Degree, I was in full gear academically. I was working 14 to 16 hours a day on major papers and loving it. The only trouble was that I was too busy for my family and never noticed. Only years later did I fully realize how I had robbed my family of vital time that we needed to spend together. Fortunately for me, my family is very forgiving and since then I have learned basic time management principles from the bible that have taught me to be a better husband.

Learning to say "no" as Jesus did is vital to my developing a less cluttered time schedule. So often we can feel put upon with details, frantic with schedules, and wearied by demands. The problem is that we’ve said "yes" to too many time commitments that God never asked us to take on.  Listening to God first and obeying Him really helps me to just say "no".

Why is it so hard to say ‘no’ when well-meaning people try to fill up our already cluttered calendars??
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