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Is Your Spouse A Mystery Too??

The famous Vancouver based author Dr. J.I. Packer once commented that "marriage, being the most delicate and demanding of relationships, as well as potentially the most delightful, is a terribly difficult topic on which to write wisely and well." In spite of such concerns, Dr. Packer agreed to write a foreword. endorsing a Gold Medallion Book Award winner entitled "The Mystery of Marriage". "Rarely", says Packer, "has a new book roused in me so much enthusiasm as has the combination of wisdom, depth, dignity and glow ... that I find in these chapters. "

The author, Mike Mason, believes that marriage comes to everyone as an intense invasion of one's privacy. That is why he believes that there is in us "a secret resentment of the demands of marriage, a reluctance to give way any more than is absolutely necessary." in all of us, there is a *-struggle between the needs for dependence and for independence, between the urge toward loving cooperation and the opposite urge toward detachment, privacy, self sufficiency, One of the hardest things in marriage, says Mason, is the feeling of being watched. It is the constant surveillance that can get to one, that can wear one down like a bright light shining in the eyes, and that leads inevitably to the crumbling of all defenses, all facades, all the customary shams and masquerades of the personality. Being watched, for Mike Mason, is an ambivalent but life giving experience. What is it about the intimacy of marriage that both draws us and causes us to detach simultaneously?  Click to find out more...


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