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Another Coffee from the June 1990 Deep Cove Crier

Father’s Day is a Time for Healing and New Beginnings….

Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June each year is an annual reminder of the debt of gratitude that each of us owe to our fathers...Many of us have been raised with the saying "Honour your father (and your mother) that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you". We in Canada have been blessed with both long life (on average) and a good land. We have also been given in Canada a wonderful heritage of values and laws based on the Ten Commandments. Legal experts will tell you that virtually every legal principle in Canada can he traced back to the Judaeo Christian ethic embodied in the Ten Commandments.  Polls tell us that most Canadians still believe in  the Ten Commandments. Commandment Number 5 tells us to "Honour vour father. . . ." Father’s day reminds us how vital this commandment is to the health of our modern Canadian families. To ‘Honour" means to respect highly, to confer dignity upon another (concise Oxford Dictionary).

In the dog eat dog competitive world of modern business, there are few people who will take time to honour and respect one an other. As a result, many husbands come home from work. bruised and bleeding inside. If husbands and fathers cannot find respect at home, they will find it nowhere. In the same way that the wife’s deepest need is romantic love. The husband’s deepest need is respect.  What is it about our world that programs us to give fathers and husbands everything but our respect?  Click to find out more….


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