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Thank God for Bill W!!

Back in the 1930ís, all medical doctors agreed that Alcoholism was incurable.  Then along came A.A.  (Alcoholics Anonymous), a self-help group of recovering alcoholics who had discovered a way to stop.  Against all the facts, all the research, all the weight of respected medical opinion, a miracle had happened.  There really was an answer for the devastating disease of alcoholism.

Recently we had a non-practicing alcoholic priest come to speak to our youth group.  He told a shocking story of how his whole life had been washed down the alcoholic drain, until finally he turned to A.A.  This priest told us that through A.A., God opened up to him in a way that he never expected.  He regained his self-respect, stopped drinking, and began to rebuild his life.  Such a miracle, he said, could happen to any person struggling with alcoholic abuse.

Statistics show that the most commonly abused drug in Canada is not cocaine or heroin; itís alcohol.  If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol addiction, I encourage you to click on the button to learn moreÖ

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