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Another Coffee from the September '99 Deep Cove Crier

'Be Good to Your Knees; You will Need Them Later…'

How are your knees feeling today?  Are you fit enough for The Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run, a challenging 30-mile foot race along the Baden-Powell Centennial Trail from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove. Running Wild magazine has recognized the Knee Knackering race on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC as one of the 25 toughest races in North America, as it involves some 16,000 feet of vertical climb and descent.

What started as a group run with 8 participants in 1989 has quickly grown into the biggest ultramarathon race in Canada.  Since 1994, there has been so much interest that the Northshore Ultra Trailrunning Society (N.U.T.S.) has been forced to use a lottery to select a maximum slate of 175 runners. Raising over $10,000 for various charities since its inception, this year's Knee Knackering race benefited the North Shore Search and Rescue team.

Knee Knackering however is not just limited to the North Shore Mountains.  Because of the increased emphasis on physical fitness, knee injuries are becoming more common among athletes and the general population.  According to the California Podiatric Medical Association, out of the more than 100 million North Americans who will visit the emergency room this year, almost 13 million will be treated due to sports-related injuries.  More than 4.1 million people seek medical care each year for a knee problem. James M. Fox MD says 'The annual cost of these knee injuries, including hospital bills, physical therapy sessions, and hours lost from work exceeds 40 billion dollars!

There is a hit song being played on the local radios these days which gives the advice: 'Be good to your knees; you are going to need them later'.  It's so true. I remember when I used to jog a mile and a half every day. Some days I forgot to warm up properly and would sometimes injure my knees. I would be in agony trying to crawl up the stairs, only to go out jogging the next day if I felt better.  Very few of us, when we are young, think about the long-term damage that we may be doing to our long-term knee joints.

Dr. Richard Villar, a specialist hip and knee surgeon, holds that the knee is the most commonly injured joint in the body. In San Francisco, a sports medicine clinic reviewed 10,000 recreational injuries, and nine activities - basketball, dance, football, gymnastics, running, skiing, tennis, soccer, and figure skating - accounted for three-fourths of the injuries.  What part of the anatomy was number one on the hit parade?  Knees.  Why is it that our knees are so vulnerable to injury? Click to find out more…


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