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Was Jesus a Wimp?

(A coffee from the July 2,000 Deep Cove Crier)

Ever since I was rear-ended by a taxi on November 29th 1999, my body has been giving me signals that I couldn’t ignore.  My body has been saying in numerous ways: ‘Go to the gym.  Strengthen your neck and back muscles’.  When my chiropractor said the same thing, my procrastination came to an end.  Being assigned to a personal fitness trainer has turned the gymnastic equipment from an unfathomable mystery into a set of helpful tools.

One of the weaknesses of my past ‘get fit’ experiences was that I tended to do too much in a short period.  The result was usually that I would injure myself and end up being less than enthusiastic about ‘getting back on board’.  I remember a period when I jogged a mile and a half every day, but didn’t pace myself enough.  Hobbling up the stairs can be very humbling for a dedicated jogger!

This time around, my personal trainer has given me a set of gradually increasing gymnastic exercises that have so far avoided injuring me.  With my neck and shoulder pain significantly reduced, I am actually starting to look forward to going to the local gym. I have been learning that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that I need to do my part in rebuilding that temple.

Ultimately my body does not belong to me.  By working out and getting in shape, I am honouring the true Master of my body.  Because I am made up of body, mind, and spirit, ‘getting fit’ applies to all three areas of body, mind, and spirit.  Rather than letting my stomach be my god (Philippians 3:19), I can learn to offer my body as a living sacrifice to my Lord.

The Good Book says that ‘physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things’.  Sometimes we put so much energy into getting physically fit that we forget about getting spiritually fit.  Prayer, bible reading and church attendance can be seen as forms of Christian calisthenics.  Getting physically or spiritually fit requires far more than good intentions.  We have to discipline ourselves to get off the couch and go for it.  Sometimes we feel too tired to lift weights, walk on the treadmill, or even to read our bible.  What is it that can give us the motivation to overcome our natural laziness and exhaustion?  Click to find out more….


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