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More Than Meets the Eye

(A Coffee from the October 2000 Deep Cove Crier)
Mexico!  A country with stunning beaches, beautiful resort towns, full of tourists, and a very colorful and rich history.  Mexico is also a developing democracy with all the problems associated with the democratic system but a country that is trying, getting to be more stable politically and economically.  It is one of the leading oil-producing countries in the world, and is diversifying it exports.  Mexico supplies the rest of North America with most of its produce in the winter months and is even diversifying its crops. It is a country which is trying to break out of its "third world" label to be seen as a developed nation on the wold stage.

There is however, another Mexico that most visitors from North America do not see.  Travel a couple hundred kilometers from the tourist areas and the other Mexico shows itself.  A country of extreme poverty, exploitation, infringements on personal freedoms and religious persecution.

This year at St. Simon's, we took two missions trips to Mexico.  An group of eight adults went down in March and a group of 35, mostly youth, went down in August.  We go to a medical clinic sight, Clinica La Esperanto, about 350 km south of the San Diego border.  We work with Mexican and American missionaries, whose purpose it is, is to bring medical healing and the hope of Jesus Christ to the Mexican Indians who live and work in the fields.  These Indians live in conditions that we in Canada would not allow our dogs to live in.  They are exploited for their labour so that we can buy tomatoes in December for $1.99 a pound.  After all if they were paid a livable wage, tomatoes would cost four times that.  They are not allowed into hospitals, or schools, they are not allowed to vote or get a passport to leave the country.  They are not "people"!

Our trips begin with excitement and hope, and varying levels of expectations and fears.  At some point on the trip though, everyone's heart is broken by the things that break the heart of Jesus and our lives are changed forever.  Click to find out more about why so many lives are powerfully changed.


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