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Another Coffee from the May 2001 Deep Cove Crier

‘Who Needs Mothers Anyways?’

My mother will never forget the time that she opened up her Mother’s Day card and read the words: ‘You’ve Been Like a Mother To Me’.  "But I am your real mother!", she said.  "Exactly", I responded.  "That’s why I chose the card.  It’s wonderful that you were not only my birth-mother but also have been so genuinely motherly to me’.

I have been so blessed to have a mother who has been so full of care and compassion through the good times and the bad.  But not everyone has been so fortunate.  Some people have been raised by their birth-mothers who were so wounded that they were unable to express love and nurture during the formative years.  This can leave people with a big hole in their hearts and a sense of loneliness that is hard to express.

Drs. Dennis Cloud & John Townsend, best-selling authors of ‘Boundaries’ and ‘The Mother Factor’, believe that ‘mothering is the most significant, demanding and underpaid profession around.’  When they interviewed people about their definitions of true mothering, certain words came up again and again:  nurture, care, bondedness, cookies, and trust.  Drs. Cloud and Townsend were able to name five basic needs that must be met by a mother, in order for us to be healthy and secure:  1) Safety  2) Nurture  3) Basic Trust  4) Belonging and Invitation  5) Someone to Love.

Safety, says Cloud & Townsend, comes in the form of a person who is predictable, stable, and danger-free.  Without this person, the child remains in a state of panic or anxiety, unable to love or learn.  What is it about feeling safe that enables us to grow into mature adulthood?  Click to find out more…


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