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Another Coffee from the June 2001 Deep Cove Crier

‘I’ll Never Be like My Dad!’

While celebrating Mother’s Day a month ago, I came across a pillow with an embroidered message saying: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’ve become my mother after all."  As we now celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday June 17th, many of us as men realize that we’ve ‘become our father after all’.  For many of us, that discovery is a much more pleasant realization than it might have been 20 or 30 years ago.

As a sixteen-year old, I was moving away from my desire to be just like my dad.  For the previous ten years (grade 3-10), I was convinced that I would become an electrical engineer, just like my father.  After taking several electronics courses at High School however, I came to the painful realization that electrical engineering was not to be my chosen path.  This left me with a challenging career crisis: just who and what was I called to be?  I remember fearing that I might choose the wrong career and end up 20 years later bored and trapped in a dead-end job.

In our family, we loved to surprise our parents, and so Ed the potential engineer became Ed the Social Worker, and my younger sister the potential artist and basket-weaver became a sheep-genetics scientist instead.

I give my father credit that whatever career choices I embarked upon, he was always supportive.  It is only years later looking back that I see how much my father was rooting for me as I wandered my way through eight years of life at University.  My father’s example has taught me regarding my 3 sons that I can encourage them and root for them, but I can’t live their life for them.  They too have to go through the painful choices of mapping out their unknown future career and lifestyle choices.  With all my sons between age thirteen to twenty, it brings back for me so many memories of my own teenage struggles for identity and success.  I remember how convinced I was that I was very different than my father, and would certainly never become like him. Click to find out how that all changed.
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