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-another Coffee from the April 2002 Deep Cove Crier

Say No to Bullying!

My family and I recently watched ‘Tagged’, a Canadian movie on CTV about Jonathan Wamback, a 16 year old boy who was mercilessly bullied, beaten and left for dead.  Repeatedly kicked in the head with steel-toe boots, Jonathan's skull was shattered, and he almost died three times on the way to surgery.  After spending his 16th summer in a coma, he miraculously gradually recovered.  When Jonathan was well enough, he had this overwhelming desire to go back to the very high school where he had been so badly bullied and rejected.  This gripping movie ends with Jonathan courageously walking back into school like a wounded bird that would not go away.  Nothing could separate Jonathan from his school.

Watching the re-enactment of Jonathan being kicked in the head brought back vivid memories of myself being kicked in the head at the same age while surrounded by a frenzied gang.  Fortunately for me, I was able to jump on my 10-speed Pugeot and escape before it was too late.  But my ears ached and rang for days after that.  Ashamed, separated, and slimed by that bullying, I never told my parents until years later.

Years later I now realize that I had nothing to be ashamed of, and in fact could just as easily have ended up in hospital like Jonathan Wamback.  Bullying kills.  Bullying shames.  Bullying steals life and joy from others.

I thank God for Jonathan Wamback who would not let bullies separate him from his school and his friends.  Bullying can so easily fill us with fear and bitterness.  It can so easily separate us from the most important things in our life.

Until I could forgive my attacker, I was actually in bondage to him spiritually and emotionally.  Once I could begin to forgive him, I began to be free.  Click to find out more about this kind of freedom…


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