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Another Coffee from the May 2002 Deep Cove Crier

How to Survive Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Rev. Ed Hird

Researchers have found that 115 million North Americans made health resolutions on  January 1, 2002 - promising themselves to quit smoking, eat better, lose weight, or start a serious exercise program. But within 2 months, only about 63% were still keeping their number one New Year's resolution.  By May 2002, the health resolution ‘survivors’ are a greatly diminished remnant.

What is it that gives us the motivation to hang in there when we are seeking to become healthy?  As of May 2002, I will now have ‘survived’ two years of consistently going to the gym, at least two times a week.  I have often been tempted to give up and crawl back on my couch.

One of my best motivators has been my dear wife to whom I have been married for twenty-five years.  She went to the gym many years before I went and often gently encouraged me to come along with her.  My initial impression was that I felt sorry for people who went to weight rooms.  They seemed rather masochistic to me.  Why would they inflict so much pain upon themselves?  I also felt intimidated by the endless variety of equipment with different levers ‘going in a thousand different directions’.  My fear was that if I pressed the wrong lever in the wrong direction, I might end up at the physiotherapist for the next year!

With Mother’s Day this month, I was tempted to call this article  "Mother’s Day at the Gym", but some weight room buddies warned me that I might end up in trouble with that title.  I am not at all sure how many mothers would literally want to spend Mother’s Day at the Gym.  What I can say, in light of Mother’s Day, is that my wife is an excellent mother of our three teenage (and older) sons.  I admire her dedication to caring for our three boys, her attentiveness, her perceptiveness, and her self-sacrifice.  One of my most fun activities now is to work out at the weight room with my wife.  Every time I see her there, I am filled with admiration that she is taking such good care of herself.  I am looking forward in twenty-five years (?) to enjoying with my dear wife a healthy, active retirement, fostered by the very weight training that we are both doing right now.

A second motivation for lasting two years at the gym has been the ‘personal trainer called pain.  Click to find out more….


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