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The Most Famous Anglican Priest in Canada??

Dale Lang became a Hot Air Balloon Pilot in 1974 and then ran his own full time Balloon Business in Calgary until 1984.  During that time Dale had the privilege of winning the first Canadian National Hot Air Balloon Championship in 1979, and then co-piloting the first balloon over the North Pole in 1980.

Since Daleís son Jason was killed on April 28th 1999 in a copycat Columbine-style High School shooting, Dale Lang has chosen to ensure that Jasonís life and death makes a lasting difference for other Canadian young people and adults.  Jason Lang died when he was shot by a 14-year-old boy at W.R. Myers High School in Taber, Alta.

Daleís courageous act of forgiving his sonís killer has inspired many across Canada to come and personally hear Dale Lang.  Just six months ago, 368 business people flocked to a downtown Vancouver business luncheon to hear Dale. On Fatherís Day 2001, Dale spoke passionately right here in Deep Cove on the absolute priority of learning to forgive, and of treasuring our teens one day at a time.  Dale who has told his story to nearly 200 high school audiences since that fateful day, said he will keep it up as long as he is making a difference.  One Grade 12 student in London, Ontario, after hearing Dale, responded by writing "There is no one in Canada who can bring such an important message about forgiveness".  The Anglican Journal newspaper said that Ďthe Rev. Dale Lang may be the best-known Anglican priest in Canada.í

Dale commented: "But as someone who had been a follower of Jesus Christ for 22 years, forgiveness was the only response that I could give. I didn't think about it, my wife and I didn't sit down and talk about it, it was a response out of our faith. We did it because it was the way we understood who Jesus is. And we did that and it had a significant impact on people in the country.  I can't explain except to say that people just are not used to forgiveness."

"At the end of the day, the whole point that I'm making is that we have to be compassionate people who actually care about others, even the people who are tough for us to like," Mr. Lang said recently to the Globe and Mail newspaper before addressing the Education Safety Association of Ontario's annual conference in Toronto.  "If everywhere I speak one person's life is changed for the positive, I'll keep on going."  Click here to find out more about how Dale Lang finds the courage to keep going onÖ


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