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"Why Did Daniel Pender visit Pender Harbour Anyways?"

Last month I wrote about my great love for Deep Cove.  A ‘cove’, according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, is ‘a small bay or creek; a sheltered recess’.  Similarly a harbour is defined as ‘a place of shelter’ especially for ships.  One of the delightful shelters that I experienced this summer was Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast.

I have deep feelings for the Sunshine Coast.  From 1959 onwards, for well over 20 years, I went on the ferry 3-4 times a year to visit my grandparents.  The Sunshine Coast has one of the highest totals of sunshine in Canada, with 14 more days of sunshine per year than Hawaii!

Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast is a natural harbour of deep, sheltered bays at the junction of Malaspina Strait and Agamemnon Channel.  Pender Harbour. penetrates over three miles inland, and its complexity of inlets and other dents gives it a total of 103 miles of shoreline.  Until very recently, boats were the only practical way to get around, which gave Pender Harbour the name ‘Venice of the North’!  The Sunshine Coast Highway finally reached Pender Harbour in 1936, but it took until the 1950's to be paved.

Pender Harbour was named by Captain Henry Richard in honour of his Staff Commander (later Captain) Daniel Pender.  From 1857 to 1870, Pender surveyed the BC Coast with remarkable zeal and thoroughness on the famous ships Plumper, Hecate, and Beaver.  The British Navy and BC Governor James Douglas jointly funded Daniel Pender’s invaluable survey on the ‘HMS Beaver’.  Captain Richard and Pender’s mandate was to resolve the unsafe discrepancies in longitude between the survey maps of Captain Cook and Captain Vancouver.

Pender Harbour first became renowned for its fishing; but now artists, photographers, backpackers, golfers, kayakers, and canoeists have discovered the area’s dazzling natural splendor.  Today with a growing number of retirees and summer residents, the atmosphere of Pender Harbour is changing to that of a vacation ‘paradise’.  Even people from other parts of the Sunshine Coast flock here during the summer.  ‘Pender Harbour is becoming a playground for the Sunshine Coast’, says publisher Howard White.  What is it about Pender Harbour that keeps drawing more and more people?  Click and find out….


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