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Curiously Safe

-an article for the North Shore News ‘Spiritually Speaking’ column

Best-selling author Dr. Gary Smalley was speaking in Greater Vancouver about the keys to successful relationships.  I love hearing a powerful author-speaker in person.  It somehow adds extra umph to the pleasure of reading their book. One of the real privileges on living in a world-class city like Greater Vancouver is that the vast majority of gifted speaker/authors will make a local appearance from time to time.

Dr. Smalley shared in his seminar about the ‘dance that destroys relationships’, how we push each other’s fear buttons without even trying.  In his award-winning book ‘The DNA of Relationships’, Dr. Smalley teaches how couples can learn to create a safe environment for intimacy to develop.  One of the keys is what he calls “The Power of One”, choosing to take personal responsibility for one’s own actions.  So often in relationships, we can slip into pointing the finger and judging, instead of ‘fessing up’.

Another key in creating intimacy is self-care, what Dr. Smalley calls ‘keeping your batteries charged.’  So often couples run close to empty, driving themselves to exhaustion and relational shutdown.  Relearning the ancient Hebrew rhythms of Sabbath and rest are indispensable in our frantic, go-go-go culture.

Another key Dr. Smalley recommends is learning to listen with the heart.  He believes that when we add safety and curiosity in one another, intimacy will be ignited.

Hearing Dr. Smalley made me realize that these keys are equally important in developing our relationship with God.  Many Canadians find it hard to find a safe place where they can ask questions about the meaning of life.  No one wants things shoved down their throat.  Many Canadians have been taught that spiritual concerns are almost taboo to talk about.  Yet they are still curious about who God is, and what difference God might make in their lives.


That is why I am so grateful for the National Alpha Invitation 2007.  All across the North Shore and Canada, thousands of churches from every denomination are offering a 10-week course where people can explore the meaning of life for themselves.  In Alpha, no one is told what to believe. Rather they are invited to find out what is true for them.  Alpha is curiously safe, a place where you can be yourself. 
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The Reverend Ed Hird

Rector, St. Simon’s Church North Vancouver, BC

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