Showline: 250 838 6757

General Admission: $11.00
Children 4 to 12: $7.00
Children 3 & Under are free

75 Minutes from Kamloops.
55 Minutes from Kelowna.
30 Minutes from Sicamous.
22 Minutes from Vernon.
20 Minutes from Salmon Arm.
We are located at:
5341 Highway 97A,
Just South of Enderby.

What to know before you go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we pay?
The box-office accepts cash & debit cards (Interac/Debit).
General Admission is $11.00 per person.
Seniors are $7.00
Children 12 & under are $7.00
Children 3 & under are free.
Thursday night is Family Night ~ Regular admissions apply to a maximum of $28.00 per car (Maximum 8 people). If your vehicle holds more than 8 people, please call our administration line for further information. The concession only accepts cash however, you can request extra cash at the box office when paying your admission. We do however strongly recommend that you bring cash. We can process approximately 5 cars who are paying cash vs 1 car who is paying debit. So have your cash ready and avoid the wait in the debit line up! Cash is definately quicker!
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Do you have a concession (snack bar)?
Yes. We have the lowest concession prices in BC. We offer a full range of beverages, candy, popcorn, nachos. Our hot food is limited to hot dogs & fries. PLEASE, NO OUTSIDE FOOD & NO BBQ's. Your support of our concession allows us to have the lowest concession prices in British Columbia. Back to top of page

When does the drive-in open in the Spring and close for the Winter?
Our Summer 2019 season will be:
Weekends Only starting Friday May 03rd.
We will be open every night effective June 21st to September 1st.
Our final weekend of the 2019 Season will be in September, but that date is not confirmed, as it depends on attendance and weather.
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Does the movie play in the rain?
Yes, the movie plays no matter the weather, the show must go on.
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What time does the movie start?
Please check individual weekly show schedules for exact times.
We wanted to say Twilight, but we couldn't decide if that meant Civil Twilight, Nautical Twilight or Astronomical Twilight or even Dusk, so we decided it was best to give you the actual start time. Of course it must be dark enough to project the movie.
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Do I have to stay for both movies?
NO. You can leave after the first one if you wish.
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What time does the box-office open?
Drive way gates open appoximately two hours prior to showtime. The box-office and concession generally open one hour before show time. However, we reserve the right to open earlier if there is a line-up.
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What time should I arrive?
On the weekends arrive when the gates open to avoid the long line-ups.
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Can I get in after the show starts?
YES. You can come in anytime. We may ask you to park near the back until the first movie is over, at which time you may move to a different spot.
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If the first show is sold out can I get in for the second show?
YES, space permitting.
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Can I bring my RV/Camper?
YES. But get here early, we have limited space for RV's & Campers. We do NOT have drive-thu spots, so you must be able to backup your vehichle. And please DO NOT bring your boat, trailer, skidoo, etc. And no, we're sorry, but you cannot spend the night.
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Where is the best parking spot?
The best spot is the one that you pick. Remember to be courteous to your neighbour, and don't park in front of a smaller car that was there before you.
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Can I sit on the grass and/or a lawn chair?
You can sit, or place lawn chairs or blankets, on the grass directly in front of your vehicle. Please do not occupy additional spaces with lawn chairs or blankets.
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I have friends arriving later. Can I reserve a spot next to mine for them?
Every parking spot is first-come, first serve. If you wish to park together, please arrive together.
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Can I park backwards?
YES. You can pull in backwards and sit in the back of your vehicle. Remember to pick your view, always park behind someone who is already there so you know what you will be looking over.
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How to I hear the movie soundtrack?
We broadcast directly into your car's radio @ 106.9FM. We broadcast in FM STEREO. Any radio can pick up the movie soundtrack - a boom box, Walkman, iPod with radio, etc. As a courtesy to your neighbours, please turn off your satellite radio. They sometimes interfere with our radio broadcast of the movie soundtrack. We do not broadcast the soundtrack on the internet, so you cannot use an iPhone app to get the soundtrack.
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What about alcohol?
Drinking and driving is against the law. In British Columbia, you are not allowed to drink alcohol in a public place unless it has been specially approved as a place where drinking may occur. The Starlight Drive-In does not have a liquor license.
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How late is the concession open?
The concession closes about 20 minutes into the second movie.
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Can I talk during the movies?
Sure, if the people in your car will let you. That's the nice thing about going to the drive-in, you can talk during the movies! However, please be considerate of those around you, especially if you are sitting outside.
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Can I smoke?
Smoking/vaping is prohibited in the concession, washrooms, and 6 meters around their doorways. For the safety and comfort of other guests, smoking/vaping is prohibited in the parking areas. Smoking/vaping is only permitted in the clearly marked smoking areas along the fence or treeline.

What about Cannabis?
    The Cannabis Act of BC:
  • Sets 19 as the provincial minimum age to purchase sell or consume cannabis;
  • Allows adults to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in a public place;
  • Prohibits cannabis smoking and vaping everywhere tobacco smoking and vaping are prohibited, as well as at playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks, and other places where children commonly gather;
  • Prohibits the use of cannabis on school properties and in vehicles;


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Can we bring a BBQ?
BBQ's are NOT permited. We ask that you be considerate of your fellow drive-in patrons and restrict your BBQ'ing to your own backyard. Although the drive-in seems like a great place to BBQ a meal, it is not always a pleasant experience for our other guests to have to put up with BBQ smoke. The Starlight encourages people to come and have a great night out, but please support our concession and keep us here for years to come. We work very hard at keeping our concession prices low & your continued support will keep them there.
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Can I bring my cat/dog?
Yes, as long as the animal is harmless to other customers and our operation. Management reserves the right to refuse any animal (including human) admission. Please clean up after your pet and he or she must be on a leash at all times when out of the vehicle. NO Pets in the concession building please.Certified Service Animals are always welcome.
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My car has daytime running lights. What should I do?
Most daytime running lights will turn off when you engage emergency brake. Shut off your vehicle, set the emergency parking brake, then turn your vehicle back on. Before the movie starts, please do a "test" to ensure that it works, so that your lights don't come on during the movie if you start your car.
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Will the drive-in kill my battery? And if so, what do I do?
Leaving your radio on should not kill your battery. Start your car at intermission to be sure its still alive. In the event that it does die, we have a booster pack in the concession and we'll be happy to give you a boost.
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What about the guys in the trunk?
People in the trunk are required to pay regular admission if they plan to get out of the trunk.
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Can you tell me when you are playing a specific movie, or what is playing on a specific date?
We usually know which movies will play about 2-3 days before the play date. We update our website the moment our bookings are confirmed.
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How big is the drive-in screen?
We have the largest screen in North America. The screen is 6000 square feet; it stands 15 feet off the ground and is 50 feet high by 120 feet wide. The screen came from Sherwood Park, ALberta in 1996.
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What are the GPS Coordinates of the Drive-in?
50.52278 Latitude / -119.13803 Longitude.
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Guest Comments
It'salmost a year too late, but wanted to send an email to say a huge THANK YOU for a great experience last summer. For years..and years...and years—I’ve been wanting to have the North American Drive In cinema experience; something the weather simply does not allow in the UK-ever! (though it has been unusually hot this year) but it’s never happened. I tried to get my wife to go on trips to North America....but always a no go. But last year my daughters were old enough and enthusiastic enough to sway my wife’s opinion so we made the drive from the Grandparents in Kelowna to your place and it was BRILLIANT!!! We watched the emoji movie and my daughters loved the whole experience so much that we stayed for Spider-Man Homecoming (so I was beyond thrilled)! The atmosphere—the staff—the service---the value for money for food (I had no idea $16 could go sooooo far!!! Cinemas are usually chastised for poor value but your place is great value---though please do not increase prices...)—everything made for a great experience. The guy in the golf cart who recommended where to park and how to tune in (initially to the 50’s ‘radio’---he said “welcome to my world!!”) set the tone for such a great family night of entertainment that was truly special for the whole family!!! Thank you so much! I think my wife will be much easier to convince this year and I know my daughters are itching to see Ant Man and the Wasp so fingers crossed that’s on when we are over! Many thanks again—and thanks, in advance, for what will no doubt be a great experience this year too!
Many thanks
Andrew Bodell and family
July 30, 2018

Hey Folks! We came to the drive in Saturday night and just wanted to say thank you! All the staff was so friendly! From the young lady in the ticket booth, to the gentleman who was guiding traffic, to your concession staff. Everyone was so friendly. This was my daughters first time at the Drive In and she LOVED it!! I also wanted to mention how affordable it was. Your prices to get in and the concession are very muchly appreciated.. Hope all of you have a great summer!

Larry Lenarduzzi
League Coordinator
PAHL/PASL - Kelowna
June 2018

We just wanted express the sincere thanks that someone has the knowledge and the means to open and maintain a Drive in theatre in 2010!! This past weekend we took our kids ages 12 and 20 to see the double feature. To our surprise both of our boys as well as us (mom and dad) completely enjoyed the evening and are planning for the next trip out to Enderby. We came from Westbank to see what all the talk was about, and we were not disappointed!!! We found ourselves talking to and meeting new people, our dog met some new friends as well. We sat under the stars and enjoyed the movie!! What was one of the most surprising things was when we went to the concession. Going in we were thinking that we would be spending a small fortune for popcorn and drinks. . . and yet again to our complete surprise it was less than $15.00, and all was served by the nicest people we have encountered in the service industry in a very long time. Even the gentleman at the debit line up was so happy to have us there and made us feel welcome!!! So keep up the great work and we will be attending many times throughout the summer of 2010. We will be telling anyone and everyone that is willing to hear us that they need to go to the Starlight Drive-In!!! Thank you!!
May 22, 2010
Doug, Vickie, Alex & Conrad

My name is Shawn Cardinal and I'm emailing you at 2:00 am in the morning because we just got back from a wonderful family night at the Starlight Drive-in. Even though it is a school night we knew we had to take our 8 and 9 year old boys to take in this awesome event thanks to SUN FM and the Starlight Drive In and of course a winning ticket to get us in. We were so excited to get a chance to come out and celebrate the Starlight Drive In's 10th anniversary with the SUN FM crew and all the other lucky contestants that we showed up at 6 pm to ensure we got our usual spot.
We were the 2nd hard core Starlight Drive in fans to show up that early and for that we graciously received two awesome T-shirts from SUN FM which the kids loved. They boys also were excited to get tattoo's and pictures with the fun finder vehicle and Hay Stack. Even though we did not win any of the prizes we had a fun filled night under the stars together as a family surrounded by other families enjoying the awesome night together as well. Our boys enjoyed the movies, cake, goodies and more importantly the atmosphere. I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to you SUN FM and the STARLIGHT DRIVE IN for an much needed and much appreciated family night out. We have been loyal loving STARLIGHT DRIVE IN fans since we move to the Okanagan over 5 years ago and will continue to be as long as the will have us. Great Job guys and HAPPY 10TH SEASON STARLIGHT DRIVE IN. Thanks for giving our family a safe, enjoyable and economical place to enjoy some excellent entertainment....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Shawn, Jessica, Ethan & Aidan
June 2011

I just wanted to send a hearty thank you to Starlight Drive-In for an amazing night last night. My husband and I took our two small children to Starlight last night for their first experience at a drive-in and they LOVED it! How to Train Your Dragon was fabulous! Your facility was well run, clean with friendly staff. I thoroughly enjoy going to the drive-in as I grew up in Langley and went the drive-in all the time in the summers. Thank you for allowing me to create memories for my children that I was fortunate to have with my family. We look forward to coming back again this summer and hoping that our other friends will join us next time. Great job and hoping that you have many more successful years.
Patricia Cheyne
Westbank, BC
July 2014

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