Apollo Anomalies A fine photo of the Apollo 14 LM 'Antares' at the Fra Mauro landing site desecrated by David Percy for his Fortean Times article, 'Dark Side of the Moon Landings'
Bleak urban landscape with shadows dutifully following the lines of perspective ...And How I Made Them
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    This site is about solving puzzles.

    It is my modest attempt to find out why the Apollo lunar images look so... unearthly.

    Why do the shadows point in different directions? Why do lights apparently come from nowhere? How did some objects appear to be photographed at odd angles? Is this really evidence, as some people claim, that the lunar landings were staged on earth?

    This was the claim made by the British authors Mary Bennett and David Percy in their book Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle Blowers. They say NASA faked the Apollo lunar missions, and this fakery was exposed by an unseen crew of "whistle blowers" who sabotaged the shadows and fiddled with the flags for a couple of clever writers to notice after 30 years. One of the writers, David Percy, says he is an award-winning professional photographer, so these claims are not so easy to laugh off.

    I read Dark Moon. I studied its "photo anomalies." And after I stopped laughing, I duplicated them with a digital camera and some well-known natural laws that apply on earth and the moon. And I did it with no photographic training or awards. My conclusion: The Apollo images were taken on the moon without benefit of clumsy props or hidden light towers. My second conclusion: Some of those Apollo deniers need to learn more about photography.

    And now, on to the puzzles....

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