Swanton Novers, Norfolk, England

Some Maiden Names of Married and Widowed Women
listed in the 1891 Census at Swanton Novers

This list is by no means complete. Further names will be added as research progresses. Note the possibility of there being more than one marriage to a wife with the same first name. Please keep in mind that this is only a finding aid and original sources should be consulted as well. If you have information regarding maiden surnames for the women listed below, I would be pleased to add it. See bottom of page for contact address. Birth places are given for widows, if known, and other than Swanton Novers, NFK.
b. = born; prs. = parish registers.

31ANDREWS, Mary Ann/ ?-
54BAILEY, Charlotte/WilliamNELSON
41BAILEY, Sophie/Charles W.BOWER
29BARDELL, Emily A./Edward C.-
29 BELL, Cealia [sic] E./William H.-
20BULLEN, Elizabeth/William J.-
23BULLOCK, Adelaide/JohnLEEDER
67BULLOCK, Frances/BenjaminLEEDER
38BULLOCK, Roseanne D./Benjamin-
66BULLOCK, Sarah/Dennis-
70 CLARE, Emiley [sic] (widow)/JamesBAILEY
50 CLARE, Harriett/William G.-
21 CLARKE, Susanna M./Albert EdwardDUCKER
30CODLING, Agness [sic]/Robert-
29CODLING, Annie/Thomas-
68CODLING, Charlotte/William-
73CODLING, Kezia/Thomas-
50COOPER, Hephzibah/James-
78DAWSON, Sarah (widow)/JamesTWIDDY
53DEWING, Judith/SamuelBACON
23DUCKER, Adelia G.H./James E.COOPER
30DUCKER, Dianah [sic]/WilliamBURBUROUGH
57DUCKER, Martha/EdmundBULLOCK
36 EARL, Martha A./Samuel W.-
54 EKE, Mary (widow) b. Lincs., Carlton/ ?-
28EVERETT, Georgeanna/Mark-
33 FISH, Rosetta/George-
33FISHER, Hannah/William H.-
47 FOX, Eliza/Edward ROOK-
51 FOX, Elizabeth/John-
44 FOX, Georgianna/Robert-
43 FOX, Hannah/JonathanHARROD
32 FOX, Mary Ann/George-
75 FOX, Susan (widow) b. Wood Dalling /Robert VOUTT
56 FUTTER, Mary/RobertLEEDER
35GIDNEY, Catherine/Robert J.-
31HARPER, Elizabeth/JohnGRAVELING?
44 HUNT, Annie/ ?-
58JARVIS, Ann/James-
60KENDAL, Frances/Daniel-
35LEEDER, Amanda/William-
80LEEDER, Ann/WilliamCLARK(E)
47LEEDER, Eliza L./William G.JARVIS
40LEEDER, Eliza/Robert-
68LEEDER, Ellen (widow) b. Gunthorpe, NFK./James-
37LEEDER, Esther/Edward-
60LEEDER, Jane (widow)/Levi-
51LEEDER, Maria/Jamesmaiden name unreadable in parish register
40LEEDER, Martha/MartinSMITH
42 LONG, Harriett E./William-
65 MAY, Harriett/SamuelCLARK
74 MAY, Jane E. (widow) b.London, Mdsx/?-
45PATRICK, Jane M./Arthur-
48PATRICK, Susan/William-
60POINTER, Mary/William J.-
30 ROLFE, Edith/George W.-
62 ROOK, Caroline/James-
32 ROOK, Emma L./Edward-
46SAVORY, Mary A./Coulsey-
38 SHARR, Martha/William-
65 SHARR, Sarah A. (widow)/John?-
43STOCKS, Amy H./George-
77TWIDDY, Rose/William-
45WALTON, Sarah A./William-
36WILLIAMS, Elizabeth (widow)/ ?-
47YARHAM, Mary A./Robert-
92YAXLEY, Mary/William-



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