Swanton Novers, Norfolk, England

Some Gravestone Inscriptions - Churchyard

In cherished Memory of a dear Husband
and father George Eke
Died 10th March 1967 65 years
Great is your reward in Heaven
Dear wife and mother
Died 2nd October 1986 85 years

In loving Memory of
Peter Eke
Died 20th February 1980 Aged 69 years
Also his wife Easter
Died 24th September 1982 Aged 71 years

In loving memory of Dinah
Beloved wife of William Ducker
Died December 30 1938 aged 79 years
She lived for Peace and died in Peace
Also her beloved husband William Ducker
Died March 18th 1945 aged 80 years

Sacred to the Memory of
Robert Bullen
Died 12th April 1831 Aged 27 years
The beloved husband of Mary Ann Bullen

Died 22 November 1913 aged 46 years Priscilla Bullen
Died 20 January 1941 aged 72 years Robert Bullen


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