Swanton Novers, Norfolk, England

POLL BOOKS - 1817, 1806, 1768

Transcribed from: "The Copy of the Poll for one knight of the Shire for the County of Norfolk; taken the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d of May 1817"

Edmond Wodehouse, esq - 3896 votes
Edward Roger Pratt, esq - 3321 votes

SURNAME, Forename Place of Residence
Voted for (P)ratt (W)odehouse
COLMAN, WilliamSwanton NovershimselfP
COSSOR, RobertdittodittoP
DEW, JohndittodittoP
DEW, WilliamBrininghamAnnuityP
FOX, JohnSwanton NovershimselfP
GILES, SamuelSwanton NoversdittoP
LANDYMORE, JonathandittoJohn BoulterP
MOORE, ThomasdittoW. SpaldingP
RAMM, EdwardSouth CreekDoughtyP

The following two polls are transcribed from facsimile copies published by "Raymond Original Pollbooks" and reproduced from originals held in the library of the Institute of Historical Research.

"The Poll for the Knights of the Shire for the County of Norfolk opened on Thursday the Thirteenth of November, and closed on Wednesday the Nineteenth 1806"

Rt Hon William Windham of Felbrigg - 3722 votes
Thomas William Coke, esq of Holkham - 4118 votes
Hon J Wodehouse, of Witton Park - 3365 votes

SURNAME, Forename Occupation
Place of Residence
Voted for (Wi)ndham (Co)ke
COSSEY, ThomascarpenterSwanton NoversWi, Co
DEW, RichardyeomanBrinninghamWi, Co
DEW, JohnfarmerSwanton NoversWi, Co
EMERSON, JohncarpenterHindolvestonWi, Co
FOX, JohnpelterSwanton NoversWi, Co
GILES, SamuellabourerSwanton NoversWi, Co
KENDLE, CharlesgentHoltWi, Co
LAWS, Simonwool-comberSwanton NoversWi, Co
MOORE, Williamwool-comberSwanton NoversWi, Co
RIX, ThomasfarmerSwanton NoversCo, Wo
WELLS, RobertfarmerSwanton NoversWi


"The Poll for the Knights of the Shire for the County of Norfolk, taken March 23 1768"

Candidates Sit Armine Wodehouse - 2680 votes
Thomas de Grey - 2754 votes
Sir Edward Astley - 2977 votes
Wenman Coke - 2610 votes

SURNAME, Forename Residence Voted for (W)odehouse (G)rey (A)stley (C)oke
BUCK, JohnSwanton NoversA, C
DEW, JohndittoA, C
FOX, RobertdittoA, C
MANFIELD, WilliamdittoA, C
MOY, JohnBrisleyG, A
NAILER, WilliamSwanton NoversA, C
ROBINSON, JohnWood DallingA, C
SUDBURY, JohnSwanton NoversA, C
WALLER, RobertSwanton NoversA, C
WRIGHT, EdwardDownhamA, C



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