Swanton Novers, Norfolk, England

Population Statistics

Year Population Statistics Source/Notes
1085-Domesday Book
1801221"The Comparative Account of the Population of Gt. Britain in the years 1801, 1811, 1821 and 1831 with the annual value of real property in the year 1815 as required by the population act of 1830 ordered by THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, to be printed 18th Oct 1831."
1811246Parish Register
1821302Parish Register ("an increase of 60 since 1811"; the vicar's math seems a little off, but possibly just rounded up.)
1831377Directory 1836
1841293Directories 1845/46; drop in population possibly due to emigration schemes. Several families in the village emigrated at this time to Canada. See Emigration (see information at bottom of linked page)
1851345Directory 1854
18613151861 Census; Directories 1863/64/65/69; Enumerator: James CLARE
1871312Directory 1875
1881282Directories 1883/88/90
188395 male adults
69 female adults
"List of adults in Swanton Novers parish"; Norfolk Record Office ref. PD 636/16
1891293Directories 1892/96, 1900; Enumerator: Samuel DEWING
1901345Directory 1908; 1901 Census; Enumerator: Cornelius WOOD
1911319Directories 1912/16/22
1921270Directories 1925/29
1931267?To be confirmed; Directories 1933/37
1991235North Norfolk District Council mid-year parish population estimates
1999270North Norfolk District Council mid-year parish population estimates
2000270North Norfolk District Council mid-year parish population estimates


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