Swanton Novers, Norfolk, England

RECTORS AND CURATES 1327 to present

This is a partial list only. Research is still being undertaken
and further names will be added as they are discovered.

1327 William DAVY
1334 Robert de SHODECAMPS
1353 Peter DYKE
1383 John POYT
1389 John GODEWYN
1416 William GARLAND
1417 William ELSHAM
1438 Robert SALLE
1447 John LEGATE
1448 Thomas WARD
1457 William STAINES
1461 Peter BURGH
1467 Robert GEEDING
1504 Richard SHARP
1515 Richard FOWLER
1532 Roger ELWARD
1558 Roger WILLYMS
1580 Simon PEACOCK
1611 Christopher TRACY
1615 William NAYLOR
1647 Robert PRICKET
1663 Thomas PICARD
1691 William TASWELL
1708 William HODGSON
1736 George WATSON

1738 The rectories of Wood Norton and Swanton Novers were consolidated in this year. It appears that the rectors resided at Wood Norton from this period on, until the two were disunited in 1884 [NRO ref PD636/32].

1750 to 1795 Edward/Edmund WHITWELL [NRO Ref. PD 407/35; PD 636/24]
1806 M.[atthew] SKINNER? [1808-1811?] [NRO Ref. PD 407/35]
1821 Charles COLLYER?
1835 J. SPARKE?
1836 E.M. [Edmund Montague] SALTER [NRO Ref. PD 407/35]
1845 Jno. NELSON, curate* [possibly same man later shown at Mitford, Nfk. in 1851 census?]
1846 [none listed for Swanton Novers in Kelly's Directory of Norfolk; possibly residing at Wood Norton]
1854 Guy BRYAN, curate* [born Derby, Derbyshire - 1851 Census]
1863 John SHULDHAM; Guy BRYAN, curate*
1864 Guy BRYAN, curate*
1865 J. SHULDHAM; Guy BRYAN, curate*
1875 [none listed for Swanton Novers in Kelly's Directory of Norfolk; possibly residing at Wood Norton]
1879 William Phillip BECKETT, curate in charge*
1881 Charles MARTIN [living at Wood Norton - 1881 Census.]

At some point after 1881 the rectors began living at Swanton Novers, most likely in 1884 when the benefices of Wood Norton and Swanton Novers were disunited [NRO ref. PD 636/32]; but certainly by 1891, when the Swanton Novers census shows the Rev. ROLFE residing there with his family.

1883 John J. MALLOCK, curate* [born Cockington, Devonshire?]
1884 to 1912
"The living . . . held since 1884 by the Reverend George Wilkinson ROLFE, B.A. of Christ Church Oxford . . . ."
- Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1892.
"Mr. ROLFE went away on the tenth of September 1912 . . . . December 24th 1912 Mr. ROLFE died". [Diary of George Edward DUCKER 1895 - 1915.]

1892 [Kelly's directory states that Swanton Novers was by this time a "discharged" rectory.]
1913 to 1936? Arthur Hedley CROWE
1922 Ian Hugh MacAlister GUY
It is not clear whether this man was curate or rector at this time. He is stated as Rector in 1919, in NRO ref. PD 636/20 and in various other records.
1925 Arthur Hedley CROWE
1929 Arthur Hedley CROWE
[The entry for Melton Constable in Kelly's Directory of Norfolk for this year states "the rector [CROWE] resides at Swanton Novers".]
1933 Arthur Hedley CROWE
1937 Sidney Ernest Arthur MILLER
["The living at Melton Constable is a rectory with that of Swanton Novers annexed, held by Miller since 1937" - Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1937]
1949 - 1954 Revd. G.H. FOOTE (with Melton Constable) [George Hodson FOOT NRO Ref. PD 636/20]
1956 - 1957 Revd. W.T.H.B. DAVIES (with Melton Constable and Briningham) [W.B. DAVIES NRO ref. PD 636/22]
1959 - 1965 Revd. W. T. (Temple) BOURNE (W. Temple BOURN [with Melton Constable] named as "client" on 1960 architectural ground plan of church NRO Ref. PD 636/23]
1965 - 1986 Revd. M. (Michael) F.C. TAYLOR [Resident at Swanton Novers until 1985]
1987 - 1988 Revd. P. (Peter) D. VARNEY
1989 - 1995 Revd. K. (Kenneth) G. TAYLOR
[Melton Constable ceased to be linked with Swanton Novers in 1992; became part of Briningham Association (around) 1993]
1998 - 2008 Revd. R. (Robert) J. MARSDEN
2010 Revd. Barry W. TOMLINSON

* curate - clergyman who assists Rector


Rectors 1327 to 1736:

  • BLOMFIELD, Frances (et al) An Essay Towards the Topographical History of Norfolk, Volume 9, originally printed 1739, reprinted for William Miller 1805-1810, London [names are given as printed in the book]

    Rectors 1836 to present:

  • Kelly's and White's Directories and Gazetteers of Norfolk
  • LEEDER, E. E. "Swanton Novers, Norfolk: My Own Memories of Over Sixty Years"
  • LEEDER, Laurie - personal correspondence
  • NRO - Norfolk Record Office
  • MARSDEN, Revd. Robert J. - personal correspondence
  • TOMLINSON, Revd. Barry W. - personal correspondence
  • Christ Church College Archives, Oxford University, Estates catalogue



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