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        This site is dedicated to the preservation and collection of Japanese Art Swords and their related fittings and decorations.

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Some of the more important swords from my collection

Japanese Sword Rating System

I have included a link to a page explaining the method of Japanese Sword Rating as well as the criteria used for the acceptance of swords for shinsa by the NBTHK.  I am posting this information with the authorization of Mr. Darcy Brockbank, who is the author of this paper.

About the Author 

John D. Berta

I have been a collector of Japanese art swords and fittings for more than 25 years.  During this time I have had the opportunity to study swords and their fittings first hand and with such prominent authorities as Mr. Robert Haynes, Dr. Paula Swart, and Hashimoto san who have been great teachers and inspiration regarding Japanese swords and their history. 

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