Gaigin's Japanese Art Swords



Very fine heavy, thick shakudo plate, with the best quality of nanako and inlayed figures of samurai and clouds from the Edo period.  NBTHK Tokuho.

Goto work late Edo period, very fine nanako on uneven very heavy shakudo plate, exceptional quality of detail in the inlay showing great skill, NBTHK Tokuho.

A shibuichi plate, in the Natsuo shape and design of a deer gazing at the moon in the clouds, late Edo period.


Very fine shakudo plate with fine nanako and decoration of flowers and figures in gold and silver, from the early Edo period.


Dark shakudo plate with very fine nanako and decoration of flowers in sheet gold, KoKinko from the Late Muromachi period.


Early shakudo plate with nanako decoration and vines and leaves highlighted with gold inlay, KoKinko, Mid Muromachi period.


Shakudo plate with fine nanako and decoration of grasses and flowers, KoKinko, from Late Muromachi period.


Heavy shinchu plate with basket weave design pattern decorated with flowers and vines in gold silver and shakudo, Nobuie work, early Edo.

A shibuichi plate, with two Nio under a pine tree, signed by the Goto artist Katsura Eijyo dated spring 1713 with matching kozuka and menuki.

This Tokubetsu Hozon set is by an unrecorded maker but is of exceptional detail and and feeling in the composition.