Gaigin's Japanese Art Swords


Moritoshi Tanto

This tanto is from the early Koto period and is signed by the maker Moritoshi. 

The sword is accompanied by Keicho Papers from the NBTHK. 

I am of the opinion that this sword smith is Iwami Moritoshi the son of Naotsuna one of the disciples of Masamune. 

This blade shows the characteristics of the Soshu den of the Nambokucho period. 

The papers from the NBTHK were not clear on this point so it was resubmitted for shinsa with the NBTHK

earlier this year, but the results have not been received yet.

The Cutting edge : 23.2cm with a very slight sori of 0.1cm in the style of the Nambokucho period.
The jjigane is a coarse tame-hada, with abundant ji nie like his father and brother Sadatsugu and there is nie-utsuri and chikei in jigane.
The hamong is notare and gunomeThere is yubashiri, ko-ashi, kinsuji, and sunagashi in hamon, and shows the skill of this smith and the style of the Soshu Den.


There are large and coarse nie mixed in the hamon and it is deep and bright and very beautiful.
The boshi is o-maru hakekake.   The nakago is ubu, one mekugi ana and is distinctly signed with a two character mei Moritoshi.

The sword is accompanied by old Keicho Papers from the NBTHK. 

The blade is mounted in shirasaya with horn trim and old sayagaki and a silver habaki.


This is a very fine sword from a very famous family of smiths from the 1300's with no problems ready to enjoy in good polish.

Price $4,450.00