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Kozuka for Sale


This is a very fine kozuka.  The plate is heavy shakudo nanako ji depicting a vilage in the mountains with gold and silver highlights.

Price $ 650.00

Futokoromono signed Goto Hojo


This set of Kogai and matching Kozuka displays intricate carving of a tiger fighting with a dragon in superb detail. 

The shakudo nanako ji is intricately carved in Takabori with gold highlights displaying

the wonderful skill of the Goto Masters to bring their subjects to life in their metalwork.

The kogatana has a horimono depicting so no kurikara and compliments the fine workmanship  of the Kozuka.



Mitokoromono by Goto Ichijo

This is a superb example of the work of the Goto Master Ichijo.  This set consists of a kozuka, kogai and a pair of menuki. 

The them as in most of Ichijos work relates to nature.  His ability to capture the perfect likeness of flowers is extraordinary.

The theme of chrysanthemums and leaves is beautifully executed in takabori on a shakudo nanako ground. 

The accented with gold overlay on the leaves on the kozuka and kogai while the menuki are all gold covered in sheet gold.

The Kozuka is signed in the reverse Tsuka Kogai Soroi Goto Ichijo and Kao.

The hakegake on the inside of the box is by Fukunaga Suiken,

a founding member of the NTHK and prolific author on swords and fittings

and reads;


Kozuka - Shakudo Nanako-ji Takabori Gin Iroe

inscribed "Tsuka Kogai Soroi Goto Ichijo and Kao"

Kogai - Shakudo Nanako-ji Takabori Gin Iroe

No Inscription

Menuki - Suaka-ji Kin Chaku

No Inscription

This Mitokoromono set is a superb one

February 1966

Fukunaga Suiken with Kao and Seal

Price on Request