Gaigin's Japanese Art Swords


Tsuba for Sale

KyoSukashi tsuba classic design.

Price $325.00

Heianjo zogan tsuba classic design.

Price $225.00


Well cover tsuba with silver and gold zogan design added later to a very early tsuba.

Price $850.00

Hoan tsuba sukashi design.

Price $2200.00

Signed Kaneie tsuba.

Price $1350.00

Signed Kaneie tsuba.

Price $1500.00


Kaneie tsuba.

Price $950.00

Signed Kaneie tsuba.

Price $1150.00

Signed Kaneie tsuba.

Price $1650.00

Ko Shoami tsuba.

Price $800.00

Myochin tsuba.

Price $450.00

Late Myochin tsuba.

Price $600.00

Saotome tsuba.

Price $2400.00



Large, powerful,  katana tsuba signed Moshinsa Yukiharu.  This iron plate is decorated with carving and nunome inlay of gold and copper.  The plate is first etched with acid then  carved and the nunome inlay is done as if painted with a brush.  This is done in the abstract style of The Jakushi.  This oval tsuba is in excellent condition, no damage and dates from the late Edo period, 74mm high 68mm wide and  3.0mm thick.

Price = $950.00


Large, powerful  tsuba, very well forged from sand iron, with large iron bones in the rim and on the plate.   This theme was very popular with the warrior Monks, who used Buddhist themes in their designs.  The plate has a very nice blue black patina, a hammered plate and a satin smooth texture.  The decoration is of leaves in red copper and brass.  This round tsuba is in excellent condition, with no rust or pitting and dates from the early Edo period, 70mm x 4.5mm thick.

Price = $550.00

 A nice signed iron WakiGoto tsuba with papers from the NTHK.

Price = $ 1,350.00

This tsuba is from the same smith as the one above.  This tsuba could be mounted as a dai and the one above as a sho to make a daisho.

Price = $1,250.00  

A very nice early Nara school iron tsuba.

Price = $ 450.00  

Nice large signed Choshu school tsuba.

Price = $650.00