Synerdata Radio is a project of Synerdata Systems.

Synerdata Radio uses the Synerdata Global Network Stream Radio Auto-Pilot Station Software Suite.

This Software is comprised of two Applications, The Auto-Pilot, (shown below), and The AirScribe Scroll Processor which is used for live announcing and live production. The Auto-Pilot is usually operational at all times, producing Synerdata Radio, live, on the fly, 360 degrees per rotation of the planet. This software is joined by our in-house MP3-J(s), via the AirScribe Application, or via remote MP3-J input directly into the Auto-Pilot system.

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The Synerdata Auto-Pilot is a complex program to decribe, as it is the central control panel for the station, and is performing miriads of functions, from introducing each new artist, to assembling it's own live on-air comments out of it's modular database, to presenting Artist Direct URL Radio Metadata functions, to disseminating The Data of Life in 21st Century Format, to processing listener requests and remote MP3-J mixes and remotely input speech to be synthesized, to introducing what is coming up next, to telling the time, to advanced functions like presenting in-depth data on any artist(s), to regular promotional messages and data about what the current program is, every few tracks, and more features too numerous to mention.

Detailing any of each of these sub-processes would be beyond the scope of this scroll. This software was developed specifically to produce and present Synerata Radio, providing a centralized interface for all station production and control with both fully automated and also live speech synthesis announcing functionality. We continue to develop these systems, live, on the air.

The Synerdata Auto-Pilot functions in concert with the Synerdata AirScribe Scroll Processor (shown below). The Auto-Pilot produces automated conversive (male and female) live radio, whereas the AirScribe Scroll Processor is used by the physically present live MP3-J to co-announce and co-produce the live radio programing in concert with the Auto-Pilot... (this is where it starts to get complex)... The AirScribe, in addition to availing access to a full array of phoenetic synthesis voices, generally operates using the same two (male and female) voices as the Auto-Pilot, so that when these two systems are combined in realtime, live, on-the-air, both The Main Computer and the live MP3-J are animating the apparent two live radio hosts (male and female), producing a hyper-kinetically dynamic hybrid man|machine live radio program of unsearchable parameters in (ideally) seemless concert with one another. In addition, the AirScribe Scroll Processor avails single button access to arrays of preset phrases, sounds, effects and functions instrumental to presenting most highly thunderous global network stream radio. Together, these two software programs are used to produce the Synerdata Radio Program, 24/7.

You can click on the image below to see the full sized representation (1024 x 768) image of The AirScribe Scroll Processor Interface.

Synerdata AirScribe Scroll Processor - Click for Full Size View

The above software fulfills biblical prophecy.

You read that right.


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