NimbleSig III ISP Mode Push Button Re-Start Modification
For those that wish an alternative to the pull-down probe for starting the LPC2138 MPU in ISP mode
a single SIP pin jack can be connected to the port 0.14 pin with a small jumper and then hot glued to the top of the
LPC2138 package. A small cable assembly cable can be made up with a 10 pin SIP plug that will plug into the JTAG receptacle
and a single pin SIP plug that plugs into the SIP jack to apply ground to the I/O port 0.14 pin. A pushbutton switch is provided to
re-start the LPC2138 in ISP mode. The schematic for this rather simple, but somewhat tedious to install, modification is shown
below. The mod provides a straight forward method for re-starting the LPC2138 in ISP mode thus it may be worthwhile for
those that wish to establish an easy way to load possible future firmware updates.

Photo Illustrating NS3 BootUp Mod and Cable Assembly

NimbleSig III ISP Re-Start Modification Schematic