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 Introduction - Are We Living in the Last Days?

For thousands of years people have been fascinated with predictions of the end of the world.

People who read and study the Bible are not the only ones concerned about where our world is headed. The late author Isaac Asimov in his book: (The Choice of Catastrophes: The Disasters That Threaten Our World) listed and expounded at least 15 dangers that could jeopardize human survival. Many of these potential global disasters, including nuclear war, have arrived at our door only in the last few decades.

At times people thought they understood when and how our age would end. But failed expectations about the end of the age have brought profound disappointment to scores of sincere religious individuals and groups. They thought they were correctly discerning the time and manner of the fulfillment of prophecy. But all have been wrong, or at least premature.

In spite of centuries of such disappointments, that hasn't put an end to attempts to associate world events and conditions with biblical predictions concerning the end time. This is especially true in America, where books, television and radio programs focusing on biblical prophecy abound.

If we look into the inspired writings of the Old Testament prophets and Jesus Christ's apostles, we find many prophecies that refer to the time of the end. Should we take them seriously? Should they mean anything to us? Are world conditions such that the predictions could be fulfilled in our day? Are we near the climax of the prophesied period in which the world is faced with insurmountable problems and global distress of holocaust proportions? Are we approaching Armageddon?

Jesus Christ Himself talked of a future time so horrendous that no human beings would be spared "unless those days were shortened" (Matthew 24:22). Did He have our time in mind?

Many biblical prophecies leave us in no doubt that increasingly cataclysmic events will occur before God's direct intervention in human affairs. These terrifying prophetic occurrences will see their fulfillment at some future time. The crucial question is when.

Much confusion surrounds the timing of these prophecies. This need not be so. The Bible itself reveals certain vital keys that will help us place these predictions in an understandable prophetic framework. We must let the Bible itself interpret its prophecies.

In this lesson series we examine exactly what Jesus Christ, His apostles and the prophets of old really said about the intriguing days they refer to as the "Last Days" or time of the end.

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