Thom Harvey Kline + Photomontage Art
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I entered the Vancouver School of Art in 1969 to pursue my continuing photography work. Here I was introduced to sculpture and found the world of 3D. BCIT led to a career in the building environment and working with major architectural firms in Vancouver. Retiring from architecture in 2004, I returned to my first love, the 2D world of Photographic Arts. I continue to take courses at  Emily Carr University of Art & Design. Have traveled to Holland on a painting course studying the old masters.


I use digital photography to create photomontages that capture images to inform and entertain. The composition, colour and content of the individual photos become the components of the montage. I obtain original images on location or in the studio. The commitment is in Photoshopping - spending time masking, modifying, layering, merging and mixing filtered images together, sometimes one pixel at a time. The risk is in the final work, meeting my demands and intentions. Does it inform, inspire and or draw the viewer in?

Groups or individuals are invited to have their portraits taken for the artist's new art series. Would you like to be immortalized?

My studio is located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

You can contact Thom Harvey Kline at: