My Theory of Society

        This page is the preface to my writing about people, society, and politics. I have two goals in presenting this work: first, to enumerate the principles upon which good nations are built; second--and more importantly--to explore why the adoption of these principles is important to a nation's well-being. It is my perception that the world has lost its moral compass; most people appear to be unclear about the values for which they stand and how to effectively advocate them. In fact, many political leaders have this same problem; they do not defend good principles as effectively as they should. The result of this deficiency is that bad ideas have crept into society. To overcome this flaw, we must explicitly state the values we believe are good, and state the reasons we believe they are good. We cannot keep drifting. We cannot continue to muddle by with a fuzzy concept of justice. We may all have a general idea about what we want in life and what we want for our country, but we are not focused because the words go unspoken. The purpose of this document is to speak the words.

        The posted document articulates the principles for which people should stand. It was written in formal essay style and follows two guidelines: first, all concepts are examined in moral terms-- the analysis is kept in terms of right and wrong. Second, the paper must be consistent; values underlying a policy proposed in one section should not contradict the values underlying a policy in another section. As covered in the document, many policies exist today that were intended to promote the best in people but, in fact, have accomplished the very opposite.

        The posted document attempts to present a consistent view of the world. Obviously, it is my view but, hopefully, my perception is not too different from that of the average person. It is the result of living life, of widely reading books, of the courses I have taken, of the inter-personal interaction I have observed--of everything that makes me who I am. In this, I am like everybody else. As we go through life, we form theories about society that try to explain the behaviour of people and the reasons for our laws. As we age, this view evolves. The same applies to me and to this document. Going through life, I have formed a theory of the world that attempts to explain society as I perceive it. As I have gotten older, this theory has evolved--some aspects have been proven invalid; some have had to be modified; others have been confirmed. This document will continue to evolve as I continue to grow.

        Because politics is about people, this document--while claiming to be a political paper-- is mainly about people. In fact, it begins by examining the character traits of people and analyzing the impact these traits have upon a society. Such an analysis is vital before going further because everything else depends upon the conclusions of such an investigation. Such considerations are noticeably absent from present policy discussions; most policies proposed today appear to have been drawn out of a vacuum--totally out of touch with people and divorced from the lessons of History

        The document continues by attempting to discern values on which all human activities should be based; for example, social, economic, and political activities. Succeeding sections draw on lessons of History to discern what policies create good nations and which do not. The summary sketches out the principles on which good nations are built, listing principles which should be upheld rather than undermined.

The document is posted at the link below as an Adobe PDF file (NOT READY YET). If you do not have the Adobe Reader on your computer, you will need to download it (it is free!). Just click on the Adobe graphic below to go to Adobe's website. If you already have the Adobe reader on your computer, click on the "Theory of Society (.pdf)" link below and begin reading. Enjoy.

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