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Welcome to my home page.

This page contains links to projects on which I work. They are not related to each other in any way except through me. I am sharing them here so that anybody may add comments or ask questions.

The first link takes you to a one-page document outlining a greenhouse design I offer. Essentially, I am offering to custom-design a passive greenhouse for any site on Earth.

The second link takes you to my work attempting to solve Kepler's Equation for Elliptical Motion due to Gravity:

E - e sin(E) = M

Up to now, a theoretical solution has not been found.

The third link takes you to a page from which you can go to miscellaneous mathematical utilities written in JavaScript; for example, one link takes you to a numerical solver for Kepler's Equation and another takes you to a solver for a second-degree quadratic equation.

Questions, comments, or recommendations? Contact me.









































The fourth link takes you to my theory of life and society. Because of my involvement in organized politics, I decided to put my thoughts regarding life and society into writing and present it here. Needless to say, in presenting it, I am also revealing much of myself--who I am, what I believe in, my sense of justice, etc.