William Throope

William Throope baptised 19 Mar 1636/37 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England d. 4 or 12 Dec 1704 in Bristol, RI, buried in East Burial Ground Cemetery, Bristol, RI m1. Elizabeth Cooke (b. 1642 in Lound, England, buried 26 Jul 1669 in Lound, England, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Cooke) in 1664 in England (specualtive), m2. Mary Chapman (b. 28/31 Oct 1643 in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA d. 6 Jun 1732 in Bristol, RI, dau. of Ralph Chapman and Lydia Willis) on May 16, 1666 in Barnstable, MA. Both are buried in the East Burial Ground, Bristol, RI.

William and Mary's Children:

1. Mary Throope b. 6 Apr 1667 d. 1728 m1. John Witt Barney (b. 1 Aug 1665 in Salem, MA d. 1 May 1728 in Taunton, Bristol, MA) on 4 Nov 1686 in Taunton, Bristol, MA, m2. John Andrews (b. 1662 d. 1742) on 20 May 1736.

2. Captain Daniel Throop b. 16 Apr 1670 in Barnstable, Bristol, Bristol, MA d. 9 Dec 1737 in Lebanon, Litchfield, CT, buried at Trumbull Cemetery, Lebanon, CT, m1. Dorcas Barney (b. 22 Apr 1671 in Salem, Essex, MA d. 19 Sep 1696 in Bristol, Bristol, RI, dau. of Jacob Barney and Anne Witt) on 23 Aug 1689 in Bristol RI, m2. Deborah Macey (b. 1676 in Taunton, Bristol, RI, dau. of George Macey and Susanna Street) on Jan. 5, 1697 in Bristol, Newport, RI, m3. Deborah Tucker Church** (b. 12 Mar 1672 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA d. 8 Jun 1752 in Lebanon, New London, CT, dau. of Joseph Church and Mary Tucker) on 21 Jan 1713 in Bristol, Newport, RI. Daniel's Children:

3. Elizabeth Throop b. abt 1672 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA d. Dec. 14, 1717 in Little Compton, RI m1. Jonathan Peck (b. 5 Dec 1666 d. 1717 in Bristol, RI) on 31 Mar 1695 in Bristol, RI m2. William Pabodie (b. 24 Nov 1664 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA d. 17 Sep 1744 in Little Compton, RI) on 20 Mar 1715/16.

4. John Throop b. 1676 in Bristol, RI d. 25 Jan 1772 in Bristol, RI m1. Rebecca Smith (b. 26 Apr 1680 in Rehoboth, Mass d. 19 Dec 1731 in Bristol, RI, dau. of Daniel Smith and Esther Chickering) on 25 Nov 1697 in Bristol, RI m2. Susannah Sturgis Taylor (b. 4 Jul 1683 Yarmouth, MA d. 13 Oct 1768 in Bristol, RI, dau. of Thomas Sturgis and Abigail Lothop) on 2 Nov 1732 in Bristol, RI. John and Rebecca's Children:

5. William Throop b. 1678/1679 d. 3 Feb 1737/38, buried in Trumbull Cemetery, Lebanon, CT, Old Cemetery, 307-4 m. Martha Coblye/Cobleigh (b. 1673 in Bristol RI, d. 13 Feb 1736/1737, dau. of John Coblye/Cobleigh and Mary Bosworth) on 20 Mar 1698/99 in Bristol RI. William and Martha's Children:

6. Thomas Throop b. 4 Sep 1681 in Bristol, RI d. 18 Sep 1756 in Bristol, RI, buried at East Burial Ground, Bristol, RI, m1. Abigail Ware (b. Jan 1679/80 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA d. 25 Jul 1740 in Bristol, RI., dau. of John Ware and Joanna Gay Whiting) on 18 Nov 1702 in Wrentham, Norfolk, MA, m2. Zipporah Billings Man (b. 20 Mar 1678/79 in Dorchester, MA d. 25 Jan 1767 in Bristol, RI, buried at East Burial Ground, Bristol, RI, dau. of Ebenezer Billings and Hanah Wales) on 7 Apr 1742 in Wrentham, MAI. Thomas and Abigail's Children:

7. Martha (Mercy) Throop b. 15 Jul 1686 d. 18 Sep 1756 m. Samuel Hart

8. Lydia Throop b. 15 Jul 1686 in Bristol, RI d. 12 Jun 1761 in Windham, CT m. Eleazer Cary (b. 27 Sep 1678 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA d. 28 Jul 1754 in Windham, CT, son of John Carey and Abigail Penniman) on 1700 in Bristol, RI.


There is much discussion over the parentage of William. One faction claims he was the son of the Regicide Adrian Scroope while the other (the most likely) gives William Throope, York England, d. aft. 1669, m. 9 Jun 1636 Isabell Redshaw bur. 22 Jun 1658 as his parents. He was reported to have m. 7 Feb 1664/5 Elizabeth Cooke bur. 26 Jul 1669. This marriage took place before he left for America.

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[Across Throup's Bridge], Malcolm Throup, Margaret Throup Lancaster, 1986
William Throope in his own words said 'he had just changed his name from Colonel Adrian Scroope'. He and Mary traveled into the New England interior by ox cart. He became Surveyor of Highways, Grand Juryman and Representative, finally dying in December 1704 aged 67, commencing his will "In the name and fear of God". A somewhat unusual wording. Three of his children were baptised (in the English Throope tradition), John, William and Thomas. This story is related in the New York Genealogical and Bibliographical Record 1905, vol 36, a lengthy article and an interesting account of American 'Throop' history. The writer must not have known of the marriage of William Throope to Elizabeth Cooke, or of other Nottinghamshire Throopes. In all fairness, the article was written in the era before Parish records were centralized and placed on microfilm. Perhaps with the aid of modern research facilities, a different conclusion might have been reached.
The above would not be complete without some elaboration on Col. Adrian Scroope. Col. Adrian, the regicide (signatory of the Death Warrant of Charles I) was executed in 1660, aged 58, as retribution for this deed, on the restoration of the English monarchy, without ever having left England's shores. Without any doubt, Col. Adrian Scroope, the regicide, and William Throope of New England could not possibly have been one and the same. Whatever connection they had in England, if any, will never by known.

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Disk 11-4139 WILLIAM THROOPE(ADRIAN SCROOPE) (1637-1704) -- William Throope, born and named Adrian Scroope, was the youngest son of Colonel Adrian Scroope, member of the English Parliament and one of the members who formed the High Court of Justice that tired and found guilty King Charles I of England and them imposed the death penalty on the King on January 30, 1649. Several years later, after Oliver Cromwell died, Sir Adrian and the other conspirators were put into prison. While there, Sir Adrian met with his sons, including William, and suggested that as he was certain to be executed for his role in the High Court of Justice, it might be that the conspirators sons would also be arrested. Thus, he cautioned that they leave England. As a result, William left England for the American Colonies, possibly traveling there via Leyden, Holland.
Once in the American Colonies, William changed his name from Adrian Scroope to William Throope, married in Barnstable, MA, had a family, and settled in Bristol, Rhode Island along with Nathaniel Blagrave, one of the regicides. William's sister Elizabeth had married Jothan Blagrave of Longworth, Buckinghamshire, England. In Bristol, William was a highway surveyor, selectman (in 1689), grandjuryman (in 1680 and 1690), and served as a representative to the Rhode Island Assembly in 1691.
It is interesting that William settled in Bristol. In 1649, his father was governor of Bristol Castle in England and other members of his family had settled in the town of Bristol, England.

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MARY CHAPMAN (1643-1732) -- Mary Chapman, wife of William Throope, was the daughter of Ralph Chapman who arrived in the American colonies in 1635 on board the "Elizabeth," the next ship to come after the "Mayflower."