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William Throop b. 8 Jan 1699 d. aft. 1 Nov 1745 before 22 Apr 1746 in Louisburg, Cape Breton Island m. Elizabeth Stansborough (b. 24 Jan 1686 in Southampton, Long Island, NY, dau. of Peregrine Stansborough and Sarah James) on 8 Oct 1719 in Pembrooke, MA. Capt. Throop died at Seige of Louisburg under Sir Wm. Pepperell, Cape Breton Expedition. His estate was inventoried 22 Apr 1746.

William and Elizabeth's Children:

1. Reverend William Throop b. 22 Aug 1720 d. 28/29 Sep 1756 in Southold, NY m. Mercy Mansfield (b. 3 Mar 1718/19 in New Maven, CT d. 7 Jul 1793 in New Haven,CT, dau. of Capt. Moses Mansfield and Margaret Prout) in 1745. William and Mercy's Children:

2. Joseph Throop b. 24 Apr 1721/1722 in Bristol, RI d. 1799 in New London, CT m. Susan Gallop on 29 Mar 1744 in New London, CT.

3. Reverend George (Dominic) Throop b. 10 Mar 1723/24 in Lebanon, CT d. 23 May 1804 in Johnstown, NY m. Mehitable Bliss (b. 10 Aug 1727/28 in Lebanon, CT, dau. of Nathaniel Bliss and Mehitable Spafford) on 5 Nov 1746 in Lebanon, CT. George and Mehitable's Children:

4. Elizabeth Throop b. 9 Mar 1725/26 in Bristol, RI d. 17 Aug 1727 in Bristol, RI.

5. Josiah H. Throop b. 13 Jul 1727 in Bristol, RI d. 8 Oct 1822 in Johnstown, NY m. Martha Lyman (b. 15 Nov 1735 in Lebanon, CT d. 5 Feb 1795 in Nova Scotia, dau. of Jabez Lyman and Martha Bliss) on 17 Dec 1752 in Lebanon, CT. Josiah and Martha's Children:

6. Benjamin Throop b. 19 Jan 1729/30 in Lebanon, CT m. Susannah unknown.

7. John S. Throop b. 12 Oct 1731 in Lebanon, CT d. 7 May 1791 in Fairfax Co., VA m. unknown. He was a soldier in the French and Indian War in Washington's Company. He was scalped and taken captive by Indians who adopted him into the Huron tribe. He escaped years later and joined Washington at Cambridge to fight in the Revolution. John's Children:

8. Thomas Throop b. 9 Sep 1733 in Lebanon, CT d. 1763-1793 m. Abigail Clark (b. 1733 d. 22 Jul 1793 of dropsy) on 1 Nov 1753 in Mendham, Morristown, Morris Co., NJ. Thomas and Abigail's Children:

9. Elizabeth Throop b. 6 Jan 1734/35 in Lebanon, CT m. Elijah Loomis (b. 24 Mar 1725 in Lebanon, CT d. Jan 1809 in Lebanon, CT) on 1 Apr 1751 in Lebanon, CT.

10. Martha Throop b. 17 May 1739 in Lebanon, CT d. abt 1763 m. Israel Gillet (b. 17 Sep 1738 in Lebanon, CT d. 1829 in Hartford) on 8 Jan 1761 in Lebanon, CT.

11. Priscilla Throop b. 7 Jan 1740/41 in Lebanon, CT m. Caleb Owen on 16 Aug 1759 in Bozrah, CT

12. Mary Throop b. 11 Aug 1744 in Lebanon, CT d. CT m1. John Bliss (b. 26 May 1726 in Lebanon, CT).