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Minto Spatial Solutions is an independent consulting company dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of your Smallworld spatial technology solution.

I'm Tim Minto of Minto Spatial Solutions, and I have over twenty four years of experience in the utility GIS industry, including over nineteen years of design and development experience with Smallworld spatial technology. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I work with GE Digital Energy customers across North America and around the world to help them implement their Smallworld technology on time and on budget.

If you require assistance with your Smallworld GIS implementation in the electric, gas, water, or telecommunications utility segments:

  • Browse the services I provide,
  • Review the projects I have worked on in your industry segment,
  • Check the downloads page to identify any reusable components which may be of interest to you,
  • And contact me to discuss how I can help.


Minto Spatial Solutions - reliable answers to your Smallworld technology questions.