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Minto Spatial Solutions has developed the following reusable software components, which can provide powerful productivity enhancements for users of your Smallworld GIS application. These components are available free of charge, under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. If you would like to obtain these components, they are available at the Sourceforge Magik Components site. Unless otherwise noted, all components are written for Smallworld Core Spatial Technology V4.0 to V4.2, using the Smallworld Application Framework (SWAF) architecture.

The Workbench by Minto Spatial Solutions

The Workbench by Minto Spatial Solutions is an integrated set of productivity enhancement tools that allow you to effectively and efficiently create and maintain information in your Smallworld application. The Workbench consists of the following tools:

  • The Workspace by Minto Spatial Solutions:
    • This tool manages the workflow for any unit of work from its initial conception, and steps it through the various planning, design, approval and construction phases that define the life-cycle of that work.
    • Download the user guide.
  • The Toolbox by Minto Spatial Solutions:
    • This tool provides enhanced data creation and maintenance tools that allow designs of proposed work to be created in a quick and accurate manner.
    • This tool is also available for the Professional architecture of Smallworld Core Spatial Technology V3.3.
    • Download the user guide.
  • The Estimator by Minto Spatial Solutions:
    • This tool is an extension to The Workspace, to provide job cost estimating capability based on the use of Compatible Units.
    • Download the user guide.
  • The Scheduler by Minto Spatial Solutions:
    • This tool provides a configurable application server that allows any non-interactive task to be scheduled from within the Smallworld environment.
    • This may be used by system administrators to effectively manage any other Workbench application (for example, by scheduling the exchange of information between The Workspace and any Work Management System application that may be in use in your organization).
    • Download the administrator guide. Note that the target audience for this tool primarily consists of system administrators.

Bulk Update Tool

  • This tool provides users with the ability to perform attribute updates to a large number of features in a single operation, using a wide range of data selection modes and data review features.
  • Download the user guide.

Quality Assurance Tool

  • This is a productivity tool that allows errors in your GIS data to be easily identified and automatically fixed, based on the business rules that you provide.
  • Download the user guide.

Fun Stuff

  • Rubiks Cube:
    • A Magik implementation of the classic Rubiks Cube game
    • Dynamically visualize the cube from any angle and try to solve it yourself. When you get sufficiently frustrated, let the computer solve it for you.
    • Get the code here. Should work with CST V4.0, V3.3, and maybe earlier versions too.