12 Apostles Are Needed!

May the Lord of harvest fill the lack to replace the "needed" to "are sent forth"! The Twelve of us need to agree on a questionnaire which is asked of all informal apostles on the planet for the confidence of the Church -  to be assured they are commissioned for the Work of the Church to go about selecting elders for localities.

The body of Christ needs 12 informal apostles (equal number of men and women) to begin to set up that which has been put by the way side for too long, Scriptural locality, that is, the Scriptural church, e.g. church of Ephesus in the churches of Asia Minor, church of Jerusalem in the churches of Judea, church of Edmonton in the churches of Alberta. As in the Scriptures, before there can even be the 12, there needs be the 3 in the inner circle according to the three disciples (Mark 9.2), who were the first to receive Jesus' call (1.16-19), and they headed the list of the disciples (3.16). They were present at certain healings when others were excluded (Luke 8.51).

Those saved in a locality already are the church there, but to help aid in giving the universal church power to grow uniformly, there ought to be elders selected by regional informal apostles, for this will be the way in the millennial kingdom, overcomers reigning over 10,5,3 cities (not necessarily elders or apostles, but based on overcoming). In the age of grace, the dispensation of the church, the church and state are separate (though abiding in governmental boundaries), but in the millennial kingdom they are one amongst the nations (a theocracy); and after the millennium, in the new city in the new earth, there is no more nations and no more rewards. Rewards of the millennium will be done away with also in the new city in the new earth. It is not that God does not work through all matters, including authorities of the nations, but that as far as the fellowship of the church, it is kept separate from the secular, for the simple reason that the secular on whole does not understand the God of the Bible in refusing God, and therefore is kept separate which is reasonable. Not until the return of Christ in Person to reign during the millennium will this most essential problem be solved with the presence of God returning from the clouds to literally step down on the mount of Olives (Zech. 14.4; Acts 1.9-11; Matt. 24.27,30; Rev. 14.14-16; 1 Thess. 4.16,17) and shall return with His holy myriads (Jude 1.14,15).

These facts, as well as
Watchman Nee's writings from Christian Fellowship Publishers, are in agreement with the Word of God, the 66 books of the Bible. Myself, the owner of Biblocality Forums agrees. Is there any one else that agrees? We need to agree before we can move forward in a substantive way. Do you ever feel like Jeremiah felt? He preached for 40 years and no one listened. For at least 70 years Watchman Nee's writings on Biblical locality have been available for all to read. Nee's writings are highly regarded in the church for everything he said, except locality. How deplorable that brothers and sisters in Christ stop short of the glory of God. No one cares. So be it. Let God punish the church. Believers are martyred positively for the sake of God. However, we do suffer, negatively, if unwilling (as in all matters of the flesh) to set up Biblical locality as was the case prominently in the first two centuries. That is the reality of the situation. There is such power given by God to the church to do this in and for Christ as it was in the first two centuries, but the mind of the flesh cares not to go all the way for God's will when it comes to the local churches. Let us be clear on this. Martydom, truly, is an overcoming if martyred as one of those in Rev. 20.4, but certain holy and righteous consequences can arise against a Christian whom disobediently blithes Biblical locality, especially once that knowledge enters the conscience of the believer. What will you do now that you know? God has made His will known for over 1900 years. How deleterious the flesh really is that it would forsake in the church this vital aspect of the independency of each locality!

So let's sum up. The church has gone through over 1900 years from Biblical locality to ever increasing degradation so that now Gal. 5.20, "schools of opinion" (Darby) prevails and abounds in this Laodicean church period of "differing opinions". Then what happens as Laodicean maxes out (we are there now), there builds up this pressure of no more sects that can be generated so then the church looks to the next solution which finally (yea!) gives way to Biblical locality, what we had in the first two centuries. However, as this happens Satan knows his time is increasingly becoming shorter and shorter so his replicatory work takes on new strength and exactingness copying the Scriptures to create his own convincing following in direct contrast to the new found strength of the local churches abiding in God's will. It seems to me that this is all dependent on the church. When the church finally gets its act together, that is what causes Satan to go to his extremes to counter the church, until the Tribulation finally raptures with a first rapture (readiness of the overcomers is reached: and 144,000 virgin firstfruits reached according to Rev. 14.1-5).

Watchman Nee writes on page 133 of Church and the Work: Rethinking the Work, CFP, "The two millenniums of Church history are a sad record of human inventions to destroy the Church's unity".

I believe we are at that point whereby Laodicean is maxed out with its different ideas refined and rehashed from previous centuries, fully saturated. This gives opportunity for the local churches to come full circle and reclaim what was once had in the first two centuries. It is like a major highway that has 7 different arteries (Rev. 2 and 3) that enter along the highway until you hit the main stretch and are left with the just the main freeway to approach the destination. We are there now. Finally, the drivers (Christians) reach the toll booth of which some take the desired short-cut off-ramp (as advanced parties) to arrive sooner at the specified destination. Only some pay the price (as overcomers) by filling up (Matt. 25.1-12). These arrivals (of the last generation living in the last week) are but a few of those included in the "first resurrection" (Rev. 20.4). These harbingers (that also exist in every sphere)  (Luke 21.36; Rev. 3.10, 7.9, 12.2,4-5) also receive the reward to return with Christ (holy myriads, Jude 1.14,15) and reign for 1000 years with an iron rod along with all those in the first resurrection (a "best" "out-of" resurrection from the total resurrection). However short it may be, those taking the longer route go through the Tribulation (who yet may overcome still while in the body) which is more dangerous turning into winding roads with many obstacles over a short stretch; this obvious path gets narrower along mountain faces with a need for serious concentration and testing as the need arises. Along that treacherous path, if there was no accident, one almost certainly would be required to swerve to avoid hurting another, even to save the lives of others at the risk of their own, on this most dangerous mountain driving terrain. Many who will need to take this route (and the many who did not fill up their cars with enough gas along the highway throughout history) were not willing to pay the price at the toll booth (or would be rendered without a battery to power the head lights of their cars to see through to the reward of reaching the destination) of reigning with Christ, thus being cast into "outer darkness" (outside the light of reward): the loss of rewards running concurrently with the millennial rewards so as to be made ready for the new city.

What is that catalyst we need for the Scriptural church? The Holy Spirit has revealed to me the catalyst is none other than a well programmed Church locality and Meeting Place Finder to garner exposure that anyone in the world within a couple minutes on the internet can find a meeting place on the Lord's Day within walking distance of where they live. This plants the seeds in the hearts of Christians globally to pursue this last stretch of highway before the coming Tribulation. It will take time, but this is the start of it all leading up to the Tribulation. One after another, each locality will find its authority in harmony as a responsible independent unit unto itself. Regional informal apostles will set up these local churches by selecting elders to initiate the "government, organization, and management" (ibid., 118) of each separately.

Praise the Lord!

Troy Brooks