What Does 2300 Days Mean in Daniel 8.13?

The 6th woe, 6th trumpet which is 18 months (the 5th woe, the start of the Great Trib. is 5 months, and the 7th woe is 24 months) in the Great Tribulation of 3.5 years. Rev. chapters 6 to 11 are the major points, and 12 to 19 are the details of those major points. When John is asked to preach again in chapter 10 it is a starting at 12.1 to give the details of those major points for up to that point it was still a mystery of the major points from chapters 6 to 11 and that is why it is so easy to make mistakes, like being a historicallist mixing and matching to the ends of the earth but always wrong.

In the 7 year Tribulation, the first 8.3333 months are used to build the temple by the Antichrist which leaves 2300 days which brings us to the 1290th day which is 30 days after the 1260 days of the Great Tribulation. The 30 days more are needed to cleanse the temple (so much blood has been spilt - 4 billion at least have died, that's a lot of blood) and administer judgment upon the nations.

8.333 is derived by using 30 day months which equals 250 days. 250 days + 2300 days = 2550 days. 2550 days/30 days = 85 months. 42 months of the first half of the Tribulation + 42 months (1260 days) of the second half (Great Trib.) of the Tribulation = 84 months. 84 months + 1 month = 85 months. To the 1335th day is another month and a half which brings us to 86.5 months,

86.5 is the total time from the start of the Tribulation to the last 45 days needed for setting up the Jews as the center of all nations giving them glory to reign, though not as kings or priests. The priests and kings are the overcomers in Christ rewarded in the time of recompense to reign with Christ for a 1000 years. Concurrently during this time in outer darkness, non-overcomers in Christ are disciplined outside the light of reigning with Christ during the millennium to be made ready to enter the new city in the new earth after the millennium.

In Revelation 9, the 6th woe, 1/3 of the people of the earth die which is at least 2.5 billion.  When Christ returns at that 1260th day to administer judgment, one would think at least another 2.5 billion possess the mark of the beast under their skin whom God necessarily must destroy also, leaving about 2 to 2.5 billion left among the sheep, that is, the good nations (Matt. 25.31ff).

Some may ask, that it doesn't make sense because there is 365 days in a year, not 360 days. But the Word of God does not care about that since the Word of God is for our spirit, not scientific pinpricking. If we are out by 5 or so days per year, that is 35 days missing after 7 years, give or take. In order to take into account this fact all you need to do is divide those 35 days evenly across this period, and when viewed in that light it becomes a trivial matter.

Troy Brooks