Letters on 2300 Days

>Tribulation starts with the building of the
>Isn't the above an assumption? While I may agree with the
>above... the 70th week begins with the covenant between
>Antichrist and Israel - who's to say the construction of the
>Temple does not begin beforehand?

I am totally in agreement with you, and yes it is Maccabeus, but that 2300 days is the explanation itself for what does Dan. 8.13 say? This is when the "daily sacrifices begin" and then the following "transgression of desolation." And the latter half of chapter 8 says these things are for end-times unquestionably, not Maccabeus times only, the book of the Bible excluded and now I can see so clearly why by the Holy Spirit, because it does not add to the Word of God for the Word of God is complete.

In order for the daily sacrifice to commence first their must be a temple and the daily sacrifice does not commence at the start of the 7 year Tribulation, but it begins at the 251st day or the start of the first day of the 2300 days. Very precisely requiring the temple to begin construction at the first day of the 7 year Tribulation to be completed at the 8.333 month. Otherwise the daily sacrifice could have started long before the 7 year Tribulation and be completed long before also, but it does not. It starts at the 251st day.

This 2300 days is like a key that unlocks the truth, not unlike God's lock tumblers.

Troy Brooks