Is Allah the Antichrist?

Steve Pardue writes - Antiochus Epiphanes is a glimpse of the Antichrist and created an "abomination that causes desolation" when he desecrated the Jewish Temple approximately 160 years before Christ, for a 3 1/2 year period. Antiochus Epiphanes was the King of Syria. The King of Syria will be the Antichrist. Hafez Al Assad, the immediate past King of Syria and father of the present king was the most brilliant, deceptive, and cunning man in the middle east during his era. Born Hafez Al Wahash (In Arabic, Wahash means "Beast") he changed his name to Hafez Al Assad (In Arabic, Assad means "Lion.")

Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil.  Jeremiah 13:23 (NIV)

His second son Bashar Al Assad succeeded him. Bashar Al Assad is from the Wahash (Beast) family line. He was born in Damascus, Syria on September 11, 1965. He attended the Franco-Arab al-Hurriyet School in Damascus. He attended the University of Damascus and has studied Medicine and Ophthalmology in the United Kingdom. Consequently, he is very familiar with Western thought and culture, and can interact smoothly with the West. He is the president of the Syrian Computer Society and can relate well to Western academia and intellectuals. Like his father, he was elected for a seven year period. The attack on the World Trade Center was either Bashar's birthday present to himself, or the timing of the attack was his subordinates birthday present to him.  

My thought - These guys are saying that the Antichrist will be from Syria just as it was long ago. These guys are mentioning Judeo-Christianity instead of Christianity. There seems to be Jewish bias, not a Christian bias. For example, they are saying the Two Witnesses are preaching primarily to Jews. And they say Moses and Elijah are the two prophets. But my proof is that Enoch and Elijah are the Two Witnesses. Enoch is about rapture, Moses is to the Jews. I am not sure I can learn anything more from this site. This persons seems to be using Christianity and using Christians to ward off Muslims from Israel to protect Israel even for martyrdom sake, as he says, wounding them is better than killing them, and the way to wound the muslim is to use the Christian to preach the Word to them to show them the evil of Islam and Allah, then they will speak against their own brothers, because then that misdirects their attention onto themselves and their own wounded. O how smart Israel is. In this religious battle between the Jews and Muslims, it is pawned off as a spiritual war and using Christians in between to fulfill those ends of not killing the Muslims but being martyrs in preaching to them. How deceptive all this seems to the Christian when you hear these words spoken by this writer, a Judeo-Christian.

Notice how these verses are misused to make us believe these men died twice to remove the once appointed to die rule, as Steve Pardue states:

    It has been speculated that because of Hebrews 9:27, Enoch and Elijah would return as the two witnesses, and die. Considering, however, that Lazarus (John 11:1-44), Tabitha (Acts 9:36-41), and Eutychus (Acts 20:9-10) died twice, we can only conclude that Hebrews 9:27 references the natural order of man, and cannot be interpreted in a restrictive way. The multiple deaths of Lazarus, Tabitha, and Eutychus are obvious exceptions to the rule of Hebrews 9:27, as are the lack of death in Enoch and Elijah.

For example Eutychus didn't die twice. In this scene, he didn't even die. He fell. And by the grace of God he lived. It is a story of Satan trying to take his life, but failed. But the writer of these articles is trying to tell us to include Moses as one of the Two Witnesses to be unto the Jews. I am beginning to get a view of what Judaism is up to these days. This is why they suffer because they are being manipulative in their intentions using Christians as bait, and so what will have to happen to the Jews, is God will save but just a small remnant of them and many will perish. Through the centuries this has always been the way for their forsaking Jesus Christ.

Steve Pardue writes:

    The administration that follows George W. will preside over the destruction of the United States.  The final acts of wickedness that will result in God allowing the destruction of the USA is because America will double-cross Israel, and because America will be actively persecuting the members of the Body of Christ. God's instrument to destroy America will be Russia.  Russia will destroy the USA in a nuclear holocaust about the time of the sixth bowl of wrath.  General Aleksandr Lebed stated on "60 Minutes" that there are between 50 and 100 suitcase sized nuclear weapons missing from the Russian arsenal.

I feel on the one hand Jews are playing with Christians and on the other hand I feel God realizes this and He will protect His children, not only from Muslims, but also the Jews. Both groups are being deceitful, though Muslims are real bad, Jews are also in big trouble. But we love the Jews and seek for their coming to Christ even as we seek the Muslims to come as well, but we will not be martyred for the Jews, but we should be martyred for Christ ever only. So we are lead by the Holy Spirit, not the Judaistic stratagems to manipulate Christians. Nonetheless, Pardue makes a good point that there is no army from the west, so NYC will be nuked and USA will in the next 50 years be a minor player.

What Steve is showing in all of this is that the Syrian President has the wherewithal to implement the capsule under the skin, gps satellite tracking of that chip after USA falls apart by dirty bombs (with its massive 360% debt/gdp ratio, highest ever). The year 2012 is an interesting date to many people because it is the end of the Mayan Calendar (so what!!) and it is also the end of the Kondratiev BAAC super winter economic cycle (2014+/-2 years). If this is the ultimate of ultimate troubling times then the 7 year Tribulation starts the year 2005, next year. But this is all silly guessing, so none of it is written in stone. Just things to consider. Heck, some could have said the 7 good years, 1993-2000 were followed by 7 bad years, 2000-2007 Tribulation which means this year, 2004 we are headed into the Great Tribulation some time. These are not declarations, just things to think about it. I also heard another statistic from a study that said by the year 2012 the USA social security system is suppose to be bankrupt. I digress.

The 2300 days means that the temple will take eight and half months to build and then 2300 days starts to finish off the rest of the 7 year Tribulation. The anti-christ gives permission to build the temple when the 7 year Tribulation starts. In light of what I said above, now I know the 7 year Tribulation did not start in 2000 because the Temple was not built in Jerusalem. But if you consider the Fed in USA the Temple, and Greenspan the Antichrist, then we could still be in the middle of Tribulation, but I am pretty sure that is not the case since, even though the implant is rolling out fast, it is not widespread yet, nor are we near that point yet either. So our next date to look at is 2005 to 2012. Yippie!!! That's next year.

Everyone is saying the temple has to be built first before the 7 year Tribulation starts. But in reality, the Antichrist must be set up first before the Tribulation starts according to the rule of those 2300 days. But if the Temple was destroyed in 160 B.C., then why are Christians waiting for a Third Temple. Babylonians destroyed the 1st temple, then the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 160 B.C., then in 70 A.D. it was destroyed again, then as I understand, in 135 A.D., yet another destruction of the temple. That would mean a 5th temple needs to be built, not a Third Temple.

As I have been studying, I read the Temple in 135 A.D. was built by the Romans and prevented Jews from entering, so therefore it can not be considered the 4th Temple. That leaves then only 4 possible Temples: Solomon's, the one destroyed 160 A.D. and the one destroyed 70 A.D., and then the one to be built by the Antichrist in the Tribulation. So why are Christians looking for a 3rd Temple? I think I have the answer. It just came to me after I left this question for a few days. It is because in 168 to 164 B.C. the Temple was not destroyed, just desecrated, so destruction doesn't count and besides the Jews reclaimed it real quick, just as they will reclaim it real quick again after Matthew 24.15 starts at the 1st woe (Rev. 9.1), the beginning of the Great Tribulation of 1260 days.

Steve Pardue's recommendation to Christians to store up food is to cater to flesh and commercialism. He makes himself out to be helpful by warning Christians but he is really assisting people in taking their eyes off of Christ by making it a religious war and not spiritual warfare. Though Islam is sinful, so is Judaism and many other things rejecting Christ. We can not be certain the Antichrist will come out of Syria, however evil Islam is, but we can be certain Judaism is trying to convince us of that. Let us not make the mistake of being wrong for that is not of God.

My instinct tells me though, nevertheless, that is how it is playing out because sometime in the coming decades I find it pretty hard to believe USA won't be hit with a dirty bomb after 911 and what happened to the trains in Spain this year. Terrorists get bored quickly. They will want the drug of the big bomb.

Conclusion: Allah is Satan.

Troy Brooks