Christian Movies

The Best Christian Movies Ever!

1. The Perfect Stranger (2005) , seven part mini-serial called The Stranger (2006, on TBN), and Another Perfect Stranger (2007) - What would it be like if Jesus had a conversation with someone? Jefferson Moore plays Jesus. It makes one wonder, how would Jesus respond to those who deny these five deeper truths?

2. The Gospel of John (2003) - This is the most convincing and most real Jesus I have ever seen.

3. Road to Emmaus (2010) - Really explains well our human condition and the only way to rectify it.

4. Time Changer (2002) - Imagine if you could see the consequence of a belief that the church forsook which caused things to get worse. 

5. Nero (2005) - Neron Kaisar in Aramaic equals 666 (Rev. 13.18). Nero's name is the number of a man who shall be the Antichrist resurrected. He kills everyone. It seemed though this movie was more about the apostle Paul.

6. Luther (2003) - This movie reminded me of a circus. How absurd the Roman Church has become. The true church of born-again believers is a "little flock" (Luke 12.32).

7. Obsession (2007) - The rise of 55 Islamic states will be the equivalent of several Nazi Germanys' if they get their way because it is not the Fuehrer they are following but directly Allah who is Satan. Do you want the constitution of the planet to be the Koran which claims Jesus Christ never died on the cross and that he is not God? 99.9% of Muslims are non-whites: it is a religion against white people. Islamic leaders were not of the Aryan race but were awarded command of major German military divisions by Hitler for agreeing to the extermination of the Jews.

8. Paul the Emissary (1997) - Believable portrayal of Paul.

9. Paul the Apostle (2004) - Another portrayal of Paul.



p.s. In reflection that was 3 movies about Paul in my top 8 list. Interesting.