Chronological Timing of End-Time Events


The further we go forward in time, the harder salvation once thought becomes. This means, by God's standard's of initial salvation, many, though deceived today, will be many more the longer man wait's for His parousia - in the Tribulation. Therefore, you should hope it happens sooner, even right now. You should pray for His quick coming, not avoiding it. For it appears from God's perspective, He has set the limit based on His foreknowledge (an upper boundary which seems reasonable) to fill the New City as pillars. And in His foreknowledge, God does not even let Christ know (that is, through His Son in Himself, though Christ may know now), for that is righteous of God, when that day may come, because it is up to man when man is ready to be received.


Jesus comes like a thief first to steal the best both at the first rapture which is included in first resurrection (the "best" "out-of" resurrection from the parousia of raptures, which are the seed Matt. 13 that produce 30,60,90 fruit; the five wise virgins in Matt. 25.1-12; the reigning over 5,3,1 cities; and like an Enoch, raptured before the flood at first rapture, also to be included in the first resurrection rewards of reigning (Rev. 20.2-7). And there are the Tribulation martyrs in the first resurrection as well as the overcoming Saints of the Most High in the OT period. Judging from typology, those who are "left" can be the saved as well as those who are "taken" (Matt. 24.37,40-41. Both Enoch (who was raptured) and Noah (who entered the ark) were saved. Yet both Abraham (the intercessor) and Lot (who passed through tribulation) were saved too. Both Elijah (the taken) and Elisha (the left) were saved. The disciples (whom the Lord in His ascension left behind) were all saved ones. Both Philip (the one taken) away and the eunuch (the one left behind) were saved, so be ready at the door of your house, so that He can not break in (Matt. 24.36ff) as a thief always comes to steal the very best - advanced parties; there are harbingers in every sphere.


Order of End-times Events May be 7 Years


1. 1st rapture includes the martyrs from past 20 centuries (raptured at Rev. 7.9, noted at 6.11), living overcomers at 1st rapture, and the 144,000 firstfruits (virgins who are closest to Christ resting in Hades and a few  raptured alive at 1st rapture) which commences the last week (Rev. 7.9), right before the opening of the first trumpet (Rev. 8.7), initiated by Christ's parousia first on a cloud, then later like lightening (Matt. 24.27) when He steps down on the mount of olives at the 7th trumpet on the 1260th day. Judgment Seat is for Christians and spans the 7 year Tribulation.


2. The 1st rapture is part of the man-child (Rev. 12.5). War in heaven occurs (Rev. 12.7) as the man-child's coming before the throne cause the archangel Michael (and angels) to war against Satan (Rev. 12.7) for there can be no room for the raptured overcomers and Satan in heaven at the same time. Satan accuses the brethren day and night before God in heaven during the first three and half years (Rev. 12.9-10) before Satan is finally cast down at the 5th woe (Rev. 9.1-12) that lasts 5 months as the first part of the of Great Tribulation (Rev. 9.10).


3. Martyrs during the Tribulation continue to be raptured three and half days after they sleep like the Two Witnesses - Rev. 11.11,12. Christ was raised on the third day because 3 is holier than 4, and 4 is the number of creation. They are given new spiritual bodies. They are clothed so they can enter heaven. The Two Witnesses are raptured 3.5 days after they die during the 18 months of the 2nd woe (6th trumpet) in the last 42 months of the Tribulation (Rev. 11.3ff). Their martyrdom hold a special place in God's heart as part of the 1st resurrection "out of" the conglomerate of resurrections during the seven years of Tribulation (Rev. 6.11, 20.4). Jesus said, "...remain faithful even when facing death, and I will give you the crown of life" (Rev. 2.10). There are still more resurrections even after start of the 7th trumpet because the 7th trumpet resurrection occurs just after the 18th month of the Great Tribulation. There must be 5 months of the first woe (5th trumpet) and 13 months of the second woe (6th trumpet) before the 24 months of the 7th woe (7th trumpet) that contains the 7 bowls.



At the start of the 7th woe there are "voices in heaven" (Rev. 11.15) because of the 7th trumpet rapture and resurrection; and "them that worship therein" before the throne (11.1). There are those who were asleep and those who were "alive" and "left" (1 Thess. 4.15,17; Matt. 24.40,41-24)


4. War commences in heaven at the start of the seven year Tribulation, then Satan is finally cast out of second heaven and Great Tribulation commences (Rev. 12.8-9, 9.1) which is the first three and a half years after the Tribulation started.


5. Before the bowls start, those that are ALIVE and LEFT are raptured with the dead in Christ who are asleep (1 Thess. 4.15-17, 1 Cor. 15.50-52). This will occur after the 18 months, 5 months of the first woe + 13 months in the second woe, but before the 24 months of the third woe of seven bowls.


6. Those that return with Christ at the 1260th day are His overcomers who specifically reign with Him: the martyred for Christ and all Saints of the Most High since Adam (Rev. 20.4). Note - first rapture is for the church before the 7 days of the last week commences, which includes the living overcomers, firstfruits, and martyrs from the past twenty centuries. Only martyrs during Tribulation are raptured as they are martyred. The 7th trumpet resurrection is for all the rest since Adam, which are the non-overcomers in Christ since Adam, the overcomers yet to be resurrected, and those ALIVE  (overcoming and non-overcoming, if such be possible that any overcoming Christians be left alive) and left. At Christ's return in the administering of judgment from the 1260th to the 1290th day, there may yet be a further rapture of believers, after which there is no more resurrections till the end of the millennium, though, it would make more sense that the 7th trumpet resurrection (plus 24 months of resurrections of the martyred) was the conclusive rapture to dispense rewards since it is dependent on the finality of Christ returning in Person on the mount of olives and whomever is raptured thereafter will see their rapture at the end of the millennium when the books are opened which seems more reasonable.


7. Rewards are for overcomers to reign with Christ for a thousand years. Overcomers are those of the first resurrection stated in Rev. 20.4, a "best", "out-of" resurrection from the conglomerate of raptures during the Tribulation, and more specifically from 1st rapture to the end of the 18th month of the Great Tribulation.


8. After the millennium, Satan is let out one last time to reveal man has yet some hidden sin, and the resurrection from the bad side of Hades are those to be thrown into the lake of fire for eternity after being judged at Great White Throne. All those since Adam from all dispensations who are unsaved wait in the bad side of Hades for that final resurrection at the end of the millennium.


9. There will be one last resurrection for those who died during the millennium who were individually saved, and given new spiritual bodies (and if possible, any who have still not yet been resurrected for the new city before the millennium, though I do not believe there is any) who are also included to enter the new city along with the already resurrected from the OT and NT. The last generation who did not rebel at the last revolt are transferred livingly with bodies of flesh and blood into the new earth who will live outside the new city, just as the sheep nations who did not take the mark of the beast were transferred livingly from the Great Tribulation into the millennium. The Jews reigned (though not as kings) at the center of all nations during the millennium, and the temple slowly fades away so that by the time of the new earth, there is no more temple, and there is no more distinctions among the nations and the Jews. The overcomers in the millennium reign as Kings and Priests with Christ with an "iron rod" over the nations. In the new earth, after the millennium, God and the Lamb are at the center of the new city, which is the place where those in the new earth may come to receive renewal (see step 11 below).


10.In the new city and new earth in the new heaven, rewards are done away with, as all the souls with resurrected bodies from Adam to the end of the millennium become the inhabitants of the new city in perfection, finally God reaching what He had longed for, which was a city, just as Abraham did.


11. Those living outside the new city will enter the new city to restore their weaknesses (there is no disease) inherent in bodies of flesh and blood, but there will not be sin anymore. Those outside the new city will be fruitful and multiply in their bodies of flesh and blood, but those in the new city will not partake in marriage since they no longer have bodies of flesh and blood.


12. This will continue on for at least 700 more generations, until a thousand generations has been fulfilled (Ex. 20.6). About 200 to 300 generations will have already passed from Adam through to the age of grace, plus Tribulation, and up to the end of the millennium. God will show his loving kindness unto a thousand generations. This weakness restoring capability from the tree of life will be "stem cell" technology fully perfected actually giving mankind eternal life in bodies of flesh and blood, and approved of by God well satisfying to His heart. Questions raised may be why does God have spiritual bodies in the new city, but physical bodies outside the new city? The simple explanation is because it bespeaks of perfect harmony.


Troy Brooks