Mistaken assumptions are deadly! Go with the evidenceGo with the evidence! No assuming.

The prayer of David is for Jehovah to keep him away from presumptuous sin.



Partial Rapture

Watchman Nee



Health & Healing

Usually the Holiest are Chastened


Junk Food and Gluttony



The Zone - Dr. Barry Sears


Birth and Death of Jesus

Quirinius - Luke 2.2

Triangulating When Jesus was Born

The Lord's Day and Judaizers

No Christmas for Christians


Proof of Christ

129 Facts of Jesus Christ

Early Secular Commentators


Old Covenant

Explain  the Old Sabbath

Feast of Weeks - Pentecost


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Baptism in water and Spirit

Guidance for Setting Up the Church

Women Apostles

Transfiguration and Hades


Church History

Reaching Church of Christendom

False Christendom Life

There is nothing wrong with Nicene

Which Church Should I Join?

The last 1700 years

Voice of Martyrs

Constantine to John



The Book of Matthew


After Life

Dr. Eben Alexander's Near Death


Losing Your Salvation - Impossible

1 Tim. 4.1, Heb. 6.4-6, 10.26, Gal. 5.4

Salvation of the Household and Infants

A Spiritual Ability (OSAS)

The Sin of Non-OSAS

Assurance for Eternity by Dave Hunt


Help for Calvinists

Irresistible Grace by Matt Slick

3 Main Teachings of Matt J. Slick

Matt J. Slick is Unsaved and Going to Hell

Popular Teachings of Matt Slick

Why James White is Going to Hell?

Determinism and Free Will are Compatible

Front Page to Debating Calvinism

Calvinism Utterly Evil - Youtube, more links

Final Word to Calvinists by Dave Hunt


God's Own Life

God's Own Life

Fine Tuning Father, Son, Spirit


Beautiful People

Margaret E. Barber (she is beautiful)

Samson's Victory

Joseph of Arimathaea, Councilor


Archaelogy & Miracles of Exodus

Miracles of Exodus, Colin J. Humphreys


KJV and Other Bible Versions 

Problems Good News Bible and KJV

The Longer Ending of Mark


Pure Logic Needs a Conscience

Logical Reasoning Fallacies

How Good is your Logic?

Answering Foolish Arguments


What is Faith?

Warren Buffet & Bill Gates


Primary Sources

Legends Theory


Why Be a Christian?

Top 10 Reasons for Being Christian

Amazing Questions



Shouldn't Date an Unbeliever 

Marriage and Divorce and Celibacy

Parents, Look Out for Your Children

Judging or Not Judging


False Teachings

Which Group Do You Fall Under?Malcom's Modalism

Jehovah Witnesses

Karma, Hinduism, Buddhism

Wayne Dyer and New Age

The Sin of  "The Secret"

Refined Teachings of Unregenerates

Mormon-type Urantia Cult

E. Swedenborg unsaved modalist


Help for Mormons

Conclusion About Mormonism

Correspondence with a Mormon


Money - Filthy Lucre

Money is the Root of ALL Evil


Rick Warren and the Saddleback

Xmas is not what it seems

John Mark Crossing the Line

Bipartite Fallen Man

Bipartite Fallen Man


Help for Pentecostals

False Tongues "Prone to Puff Up"

The Third Wave Movement

Montanism of Pentecostalism


Help for Atheists/Agnostics

Bob the Atheist

Atheism's Old Fallacies

Is the Bible Fictional?

Perfect Proof of God in 4 Steps

Why are the Wicked Prospering?

How Do We Explain Pre-Adamic Man?

Scientific Evidence

God Has an Answer for Everything

Are You Atheist or Agnostic?



Shabir Ally

Head Covering 


So-called Christian Forums

Errors in Christendom forums

So-called Christian Forums

Jude3.info claim Christians Can't Discern 

Erwin Loh's christianforums.com or foru.ms


Abuses in the World

vBulletin and Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Sick Stalker

Abuses in Non-Profit Organizations

Anton Hein a Child Molester

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"But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived" (2 Ti 3.13). "I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall add unto them, God shall add unto him the plagues which are written in this book: and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the tree of life, and out of the holy city, which are written in this book" (Rev. 22.18-19).

“Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins [overassuming]; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be clear from great transgression” (Ps. 19.13). From this verse of David’s psalm we are shown that there are two kinds of sin before God: one is the sin of rebellion, the other is that of presumption. Not doing what one is told to do constitutes the sin of rebellion. Now we all know the sinfulness of this kind of sin; and from this sin we wish to be delivered.

But please take note that besides the sin of rebellion there is also that of presumption, which is, that we do what we are not ordered to do. Rebellion is failing to do what God has charged, whereas presumption is doing what God has not commanded
at all. To be active outside of the Lord’s will is to be presumptuous. On the one hand God says, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal. If anyone should commit such an act, he is guilty. This we all know. But on the other hand, do we know that it is equally sinful for us to act without God’s order? It is reckoned as sin before the Lord if we work for Him without His command and instead work according to our own idea, even though we may view what we do to be most excellent.