George Zeller Has Issues


To George,


My view from reading your lengthy articles on Zane, Dillow, Wilkin and Faust is that I believe Wilkin agrees with me and the Holy Spirit's teaching in the Word of God, but Faust and Dillow do not, and Zane is more accurate than Dillow or Faust, and yes Faust is doing a great discredit and disservice to partial rapture.


From reading your site and talking to Faust, that has been my conclusion. I donít know what you believe, but I do believe you are wrong since you seem to deny any regard for Godís dealing with non-overcomers who still lie on a bed of fornication and leave the world in that condition; though these believers are saved, they MOST CERTAINLY do not qualify for Rev. 20.4,  the overcomers who can no longer be hurt by the second death.


This is unacceptable. Certainly those three groups mentioned in Rev. 20.4 are not non-overcomers in Christ and are not the full body of Christ.


Compare a deeper reading  with and I am convinced that if you are a Christian you will have a change of mind. It is possible that partial rapture believers can be unsaved too, like a Joey Faust who goes too far, reflecting his hardness sending believers to hell.


I believe I see underneath everyone here. It is an incredible blessing of Rev. 1.3 in receiving (giving the glory to God) a spirit of discernment to see what is really going on these different mistaken assumptions men make.


Praise the Lord! Amen.

Troy Brooks