Joel Olsteen and Billy Graham are Unsaved (Going to Hell)

For a lot of years someone can appear to be saved, but in their old age they reveal their unsalvation. Such laudable exhortations down the drain!

Billy Graham still earns over a half a million dollars a year and works less than 10% of the time. You would never catch the apostles doing that. Billy Graham is a false Christian. He also says you could be a Muslim, Atheist or of any idea, religion or faith yet already be saved even though you reject Christ. Over 70% of his income is received from the Roman Church which is why he gives the pope such high praise. There are no popes in the Bible. The pope teaches you can lose your salvation after being born-again and that we are in the 1000 years right now. Rev. 20.3 says we are not in the 1000 years. He teaches that Mary is sinless, despite what the Bible says, that which is born of the flesh is flesh. Billy said, "I find myself closer to Catholics [referring to the Roman Church]." Case closed on Billy Graham. He likely will never give his life to Christ.

Joel Olsteen is a prosperity teacher in the Word of Faith movement (following in the footsteps of Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland) which also teach than when Jesus died on the cross He went to Hell which is where salvation took place, not on the cross. Joel says, "that for three days, Jesus went into the very depths of hell." The Bible, though, teaches nobody is in Hell yet; the unsaved are waiting in bad side of Hades for their resurrection to Hell. Joel does not like to talk about Hell which is part of the Gospel even though Jesus spoke on Hell more than anyone else. He says in discussing such matters, "I don't go there." Regarding the word sin, he says, "I don't use it." He charges $10+ for his service in stadiums. Would the apostles do that? His revenues from his ministry is taking in over $50,000,000/year. He said live on telivision the same thing Billy said that Mormons are saved, and other faiths and religions have their believers that are already saved even though they reject Christ. In Olsteen's faith you can worship a created Jesus who is not uncreated and still be saved. Case closed on Joel Olsteen. Joel will likely never repent of these sins and will probably never give his life to Christ.

I like to treat others as I would like to be treated. If I ever started laudable exhortations on stage and brought in $15,000,000/year, I would still tell you the pope is unsaved. I would take any money that I did receive from the Roman Church and give it to the needy, unwed mothers, fatherless children and starving souls. I would only take what I needed for living expenses which I assure you is under $20,000/year. I would not have a slush fund of $23,000,000 Billy Graham had that was unreported to the government. I would tell you that Hell is where the unsaved are going if they don't give their lives to Christ Who is Uncreated in the Trinity. I'd assure you so few are actually saved.

It's harder for a rich man to get into the heaven than a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

What does the Bible say? We shall know them by their fruit.

Praise the Lord for this discernment!


Thank you Jesus,

Troy Brooks