Why James White, a Proponent of Calvinism, is Going to Hell

A careful reading of Debating Calvinism (2004 paperback edition) between Dave Hunt (OSAS Arminian) & James White (Calvinist).


If James White is born-again and not going to Hell, then you don't want to be saved! The god of Calvinism is utterly evil! See the 6 questions posed to White that he responded to in a video, but to my knowledge White has not responded to my subsequent response. This is typical of White to shut his mind down and not to allow the discussion to come to its logical and sincere conclusion. Part of the problem is White is too caught up in his worldly ways and carrying on in his way in the world. Time is money for White, making money in Christendom.


White selfishly refuses to repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated, though he could be saved (born-again) if he were willing to come to God with an honest heart. As of 2009 let the record show White remains an unregenerate. He would have to repent of Calvinism, come to the cross as a helpless sinner and receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith to be regenerated. No longer would he continue to believe children go to Hell just because they were born into sin. Jesus said in Matt. 11.28, "Come to me...." Thus, God affords you the choice. Would God say that if you were Totally depraved? Of course not.


White is an ignorant man without empathy. His spirit is dead to God. Picture people arguing on a train. They arrive at the station and when they get off they are still arguing. They go to their respective towns, but over time they move outward and leave those towns. They head off into the horizon. Eventually they build their own shack and keep repeating the phrase "I told you so." That's what Hell is like for James White. Hell is getting what you want even eternal separation from God under the pretention of a false salvation. Is everyone a Christian just because they say they are? Not so "silly" after all is it?




1. God's Eternal Decree


The Assumption of Total Depravity

On page 56, James White said Dave Hunt misrepresents the Calvinist position. White said, "He misrepresents the Reformed position stating that those who will justly experience the wrath of God in eternity do so 'without any choice'." Dave did not misrepresent White. What Dave is saying is that this can't be a real choice because it is irresistibly imposed; from birth the person belongs in Hell. White, not having empathy to appreciate this, said, "...every one of them would march right back to punishment" to indicate his own belief in Total depravity. If you can help someone in need and they can freely respond then a person can receive the sufficient grace of God to accept what Jesus did on the cross and not have to be regenerated first. Sending someone to Hell without giving them sufficient grace to have the choice is just plain evil. If such behavior is evil for man why not for the god of Calvinism? When White tries to rationalize verses as teaching his extreme view of depravity, realize that these verses refer to propensity to sin. Therefore, one ought not to go beyond and assume more than that for that would not be humble in spirit.



On page 56, White accuses Hunt of being unfamiliar with Compatibilism even though White is the one who is confused. How does he bear false witness against Dave? White said, "How can God be glorified...if it were not part of His plan, a part of His decree? Hunt does not tell us." Hunt did tell us on page 52: "God foreknew their hearts and restrained and channeled their wicked desire to accomplish His will. This is all the text implies. White is guilty of reading into a Calvinist meaning that isn't there." God's decreed will takes into account everyone's responses. He will work evil for good, but never does God decree evil, for that would make God of the Bible the author of sin. White has an improper view of Compatibilism, for there is no compatibility and synergy in salvation without God's purpose to save the most and damn the least through providing sufficient grace to all persons.


Saving the most and damning the least requires God provide sufficient grace to all to have the choice such that no man is Totally depraved. The sufficiency of God's grace prevents any person from being Totally depraved. Everyone may obtain the gift of faith and be saved by grace whosoever is willing! God offers us salvation when He says "come unto me" (Matt. 11.28) because we have free-will: "whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely" (Rev. 22.17). If it were true, God irresistibly gave salvation to some and denied the fullness of His grace to have the choice so that some may be willing, you are no longer saving the most and damning the least, but you would be either damning those who should be saved or saving those who should be damned. Irresistibly imposing or withholding is a form of speciism. White can't explain how his god is being compatible who doesn't provide sufficient grace to all if people are Totally depraved. One can't help but think he is somewhat jealous of Christians who believe in God's infinite foreknowledge, Molinist determinism, and free will are compatible which do not need to invoke man's idol of Total depravity.


Open Theism

White argues against God's infinite foreknowledge on page 57 when he said, "Where does foreknew appear in the text?" Since foreknowledge should not be an issue for Calvinism, why argue against his god foreknowing in the text? In so doing, White is arguing for Open Theism of a god who does not have infinite foreknowledge. Because James acts like he wants to be God he must know how God does something, otherwise He can't accept God of the Bible. We can't know how God does everything such as reconciling free will with His infinite foreknowledge. Be at peace with that. Don't make God an evil tyrant who must irresistibly impose salvation and deny sufficient grace to all. On page 57 accusing Dave, White says, "he constantly speaks of God's foreknowledge but does not give us a ground upon which to understand how God has such knowledge." White can't accept there are some things you will never know about God. Only God knows all things. What God has revealed in His word is that His infinite foreknowledge is compatible with free-will, sovereign free-choice and sovereign beings made in God's image.


White concedes: "God created the universe, knowing what would happen, as Hunt seems to believe." But then he gets ignorant and says, "how is He not responsible for creation and events that take place in time?" Whoever said He wasn't? God has decreed with purpose, but not in the way White wants unrighteously. God provides sufficient grace for all to have the choice, thus He would not need to be like the god of Calvinism having to irresistibly impose salvation on some.


Author of Sin

"The Lord has made everything for its own purpose, even the wicked for the day of evil" (Prov. 16.4). White used this verse to say God is the author of sin on page 58. That's not what this verse says. It's saying that which became evil of its own volition, God will use for His own purpose. God is using James White for the day of evil. The potter and the clay do not suggest that God doesn't provide sufficient grace for all. Rather, it simply indicates God's sovereign control over everything is completely in His hands. In no way does "Soli Deo Gloria" suggest irresistible grace and insufficient grace for all to have the choice.


Differentiated Love

White thinks he found a loophole when he says on page 58, "The recognition that God has the ability to differential in the kinds of love He shows, just as man can, fully refutes this objection" when "Mr. Hunt says 'Calvinism libels the God of Scripture by denying His love for all'." Where is Hunt saying God does not differentiate, for obviously God and the Lamb are spending an eternity in the New City with those who are saved and not those His wrath comes upon and put into the Lake of Fire for all eternity. What White is really arguing for here is a God who is unloving and unwilling or unable to provide sufficient grace for all. This is the evil god of Calvinism that James White worships and why he is going to Hell. It is not likely he will ever repent of his sin in rejecting the God who provides sufficient grace to all to have the choice. That's why we are "without excuse" (Rom. 1.20). You can't be without excuse without sufficient grace.


The Immorality of Insufficient Grace

White contends on page 57 misusing Luke's words, "to do whatever Your hand and Your purpose predestined to occur" (Acts 4.28). Predestined doesn't mean to cause to occur without the compatibility of man's free-will and sufficiency of His grace. Otherwise, God no longer predestinates by foreknowing our free choice, but would have to force people around like chess pieces on a chess board or as a Puppeteer's puppets.


Man's Sovereignty

James White flatly rejects man's autonomy when he accuses Hunt with the "tradition of human autonomy" (page 57). Man, therefore, is not a sovereign being made in God's image with free will but is a marionette according to White. How does that give glory to God? Wouldn't God have the utmost glory without the evil that marks the god of Calvinism if He could have a relationship with more than just robots or individuals forced into the Calvinist salvation? We are beings by His grace made in His image endowed with the soulical function of free will. Certainly these attributes represent a God who trumps the god of Calvinism any day.


Endless Misrepresentation

White never ceases an opportunity to misrepresent Dave Hunt and convolute reality with Calvinism. On page 61, he misrepresents by asking, "God cannot restrain evil?" Hunt did say on page 59, "White writes 'God could...restrain all evil'. Why doesn't He? Any kind person would if he could." Then White rhetorically replies, "Or that He will not? We are not told." We are told as Hunt pointed out on page 61, "Any kind person would" and page 59, "God offers salvation to all" in lieu of the evil in the world. White misunderstands: "in Mr. Hunt's traditions, man's will controls God's desires, even to the point of controlling the greatest work of God, that of creating a special people in Christ Jesus." Why does man control God's desires when God gives man the choice as God ordained? No answer is given. That's God's desire to give man the choice. God created man and gives us our options so that God saves the most and damns the least. How is man controlling God's work of creating a special people then? God can't violate His nature and save people who don't want to be saved or be lacking by not providing people sufficient grace to all to have the opportunity. Otherwise God would be evil.


Who Is the Worldling?

White quotes Spurgeon on pages 61-62, "There is no doctrine more comforting to His children than the doctrine of Divine Sovereignty...there is no doctrine more hated by worldlings.... Men will allow God to be everywhere except upon His throne." The question then is who is the worldling circumventing God's Divine Sovereignty? What these Calvinists are doing is giving license to their heresy by altering God's Divine Sovereignty so that God is not providing mankind sufficient grace. Instead, the unsaved Calvinist is insisting with brimming pride his god irresistibly makes him saved and there was nothing he could do about it. He assumes he was allegedly irresistibly selected and without having had to previously repented and believed in Jesus Christ to be regenerated. One can pride themselves on this idea, but it's not reality for God desires us to come to Him with an honest heart to be regenerated (born-again). Praise the Lord! Calvinism is a popular teaching in cults to pride their members in thinking they were irresistibly selected over the reprobate they claim were born into this world for Hell. What love is this?



That's how the whole conversation goes through the rest of the book. It really doesn't deviate. As Dave Hunt says, "White attempts to avoid embarrassment of God causing sin by introducing what he calls 'compatibilism'." But there is nothing compatible about irresistibly imposing. James White prides himself on being irresistibly regenerated without himself ever first having had to repent and believe in Christ to be saved. And he exalts himself over others he assumes are unregenerate reprobates without his god ever giving them any opportunity to be saved. What love is this? This is not love but delusion. No wonder why Atheists or other faiths are turned off from the appearance of Christianity by Calvinists misrepresenting God of the Bible. Clearly this is a false and selfish salvation taught by Calvin, Spurgeon, White, Luther and Augustine. They worship a "false Christ." White most likely will never repent as they never did the record shows so he is on his way to Hell and simply getting what he wants, to be eternally separated from the One True God of OSAS Arminian. 


Thank you Lord Jesus for this discernment. Amen.


Apostle Troy


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