The John Mark Ministries Cult (Crossing the Line)

Sinful thoughts of PETER KREEFT:

 "Allah, of course, is the same God Jews and Christians worship."

"In one sense Islam is a simplification of Christianity as Buddhism is a simplification of Hinduism."

"Actually, Islam neither merely simplifies Christianity nor merely adds to it, but reinterprets it - somewhat as Christianity does to Judaism. As the Christian interpretation of the Old Testament is not the same as the Jewish one, the Muslim interpretation of the New Testament is not the same as the Christian one; the Quran authoritatively interprets the New Testament as the New interprets the Old."

"Can Muslims be saved? They reject Christ as Savior; yet they seek and love God. "Islam" means essentially the "fundamental option" of a whole-hearted "yes" to God. Most Muslims, like most Jews, see Christ only through broken lenses. If God-seeking and God-loving Jews, both before and after Christ's Incarnation, can find God, then surely God-seeking Muslims can too, according to Christ's own promise that "all who seek, find" - whether in this life or the next."

Examination of These Statement

I do not have time to study all the 46,000+ adherents of the world, but I did notice this cult growing so I randomly picked an article from his site, and this particular article is doubletalking in its approach, called "Comparing Christianity and Islam" endorsed by John Mark Ministries for having it on his site There is no excuse for these blatant errors, not even saying English is not the first language of the author if that was the case. The approach you will see by this author is all wrong in Spirit and truth. My findings are these:

1) Allah, of course, is not the same God of the Jews, nor the same God as Christians. The Jews do not have the same God as Christians either. The Jews of the OT, a remnant, is the same God as today's Christian, and today's Jew is a Christian, though God will restore a remnant of the nation of Israel in keeping His covenant promise that believers in Christ have now beforehand.

2) Islam is not a simplification of Christianity in any sense, and that idea is a copout. I find John Mark's approach manipulative and unethical. To have this article on his site as part of his ministry is to lead people astray and is not to God's will. For John Mark to so carelessly collect articles for the sake of collecting articles in ministry is vanity, not becoming of a true apostle. John Mark, though he may be saved, he has no authority in the Ministry of the church.

3) Islam does add to the Scriptures by adding the Koran which is not one of the 66 books of the Bible. The Koran has no authority to interpret the NT. The NT is in agreement with the NT and the OT is in agreement with the NT.

4) Mohammedistics do not love God. And many Jews before and after incarnation can still not find Christ by their own strength. A seeking for God by the flesh, say, according to Mohammed's Koran, is a seeking for Satan under false pretenses. In order for a Muslim to be saved, he would have to forever renounce, refuse and reject Islam when coming to the cross as a helpless sinner accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This is God's will.

Satan is the author of confusion, and John Mark is promoting confusion. John Mark sounds like a manipulative name to give oneself to don't you think? I doubt it is coincidence. The Antichrist will rise up under potentially these kinds of conditions and teachings. To have a ministry for the Lord while promoting these teachings is duplicitous. The stark reality is that many simply will never come to Christ so let us not continue to cater to peoples' flesh like Peter Kreeft and John Mark in crossing the line as they have done.

Troy Brooks